Home and Away’s raciest moments – school romp, video and ‘sweaty’ love scenes

Home and Away has seen plenty of steamy on-screen moments over the years – and the cast of the Channel 5 soap are no stranger to sharing a few sexy confessions off-screen, too.

But back in the world of Soapland, Summer Bay has seen plenty when it comes to sexy romps.

From sex in the school library to outdoor romps between characters, viewers have seen it all, and it’s hard to be surprised!

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2020 saw things take a darker turn in Ryder and Jade’s sex tape scandal, as things evolved into a tense revenge port plot.

Daily Star takes a look at the steamiest moments on the Channel 5 soap over the years…

Sex tape scandal

Two years ago, Ryder’s relationship with Jade hit a rocky patch when he caught her stealing cash from Salt – with Jade instantly covering for her actions with a lie.

When Jade was eventually arrested for theft, Ryder felt terrible – but was instantly happy to be forgiven when Jade lured him back to the bedroom so the pair could get hot and heavy under the covers.

Things quickly went downhill from there as Ryder was taken to the police station to be shown a clip of him and Jade having sex, with Jade claiming Ryder filmed the romp and uploaded it without her consent.

The same thing later happened with Nikau – thankfully exposing Jade’s lies for good.

Outdoor romp

Known for its outdoor romps, Home and Away has truly given us the goods recently when it comes to bikini bombshells getting steamy.

From outdoor shower scenes to beach romps, the soap really has done it all.

In 2021, fans saw ex-Neighbours star Jacqui Purvis and Ethan Browne get hot and sticky as Tane and Felicity.

The pair could be seen propped up against a shower stall in skimpy swimwear, with Felicity rocking a purple two-piece and Ethan showing off his sculpted chest in a pair of dark blue trunks.

‘Sweaty’ love scenes

Home and Away Dean star Patrick O’Connor might be well versed in getting up close and personal with his on- and off-screen partner Sophie Dillman, being that they’re also a couple in real life – but it doesn’t mean things are never awkward.

The actor dished the dirt on filming romps in the stifling heat of an Australian summer with his partner Sophie, who plays Ziggy in Home and Away.

Speaking to The Daily Telegraph, he confessed: “It's an awkward situation. When we were shooting, when you're in that heat.

“I’m a dude – certain things are sweaty!” he giggled, adding that both he and Sophie were “disgustingly sweaty” once they’d finished their steamy scene at the Flinders Ranges in Australia.

Meanwhile, fellow star James Stewart concurred, telling Confidential: “There's 20 other people standing over you, it is hot and sweaty, you are in clothes that aren't your own and you are doing your very best to look as charming and debonair as possible.”

School library sex

Way back in 2010, it was Liam and Bianca who got down in a very taboo location – the school library.

The two teachers found plenty of chemistry together when Bianca started work at Summer Bay High as a language tutor, and couldn’t keep their hands off each other in the library.

Though Bianca was left “absolutely mortified” by the encounter, both teachers were desperate to keep their secret after such a “huge risk” with students around.

After the hours of naughtiness, Bianca and Liam ended up falling asleep amongst the stacks – and were nearly caught out by colleagues.

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