Home and Away Remi star’s life – guitar skills, landing role and Neighbours fame

Fans of Home and Away have been thrilled by the addition of new band Lyrik, which has brought some new sounds and fantastic new characters to Summer Bay.

One of those characters is Aussie actor Adam Rowland, who plays the role of guitarist Remi Carter.

Along with Angelina Thomson (Kirby Aramoana), Eden Fowler (Stephanie Ponazzo) and Matt Evans (Theo Poulos) the handsome star immediately won over viewers with his dashing good looks and impressive guitar skills as the foursome bring a series of dramas to the popular soap.

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Let’s take a look at Adam’s journey from amateur musician to screen star and the nerves he tackled long the way…

Landing Role

Having already appeared on a slew of other TV show, including former soap rivals Neighbours, Adam admits he was nervous when he landed the role of Remi in Home and Away.

In an interview with Yahoo Lifestyle, Adam recalls how he landed the part and why is so “grateful” to be a part of the hit show.

Adam recalls: “I got an audition come through in about December I sent through a tape.

“About three weeks later, they gave me a call and flew me up to Sydney. I was quite nervous coming into the studio here in Sydney.

“Everyone I auditioned with were fantastic. And we could have all played the band together, really. And yeah, we did the tape. I flew home. I wasn't sure how I felt about it, and then got a call two days later saying, you're in the band. You're in Lyric.”

He admitted that he is using the opportunity to become a better actor: “It's a phenomenal opportunity that I've been given. I'm so grateful for it. Right now, I certainly want to focus on doing my best and becoming a better actor. And what better place to do that?”

Adam also admitted that he can't believe his luck, with the soap opera being known for producing Hollywood stars like Chris Hemsworth, Isla Fisher, and Samara Weaving.

"It has unquestionably served as a platform for those actors who began as amateurs. I'm so grateful to have been given this amazing chance.”

Guitar Skills

Since the band's debut this year, fans have been enamoured with the actors behind the instruments, and many have been wondering if the stars are trained musicians in real life.

Actor Adam is a passionate guitarist in real life and claims he feels at his most comfortable with his guitar in hand.

In fact, the actors of so musically gifted, they often perform live in their scenes. “It enables me to become in the moment and into character when filming,” said.

Adam also acknowledges that playing the guitar makes him feel "at home.

Lyrik's musical performance in front of the Parata home was the first scene the band ever shot for Home and Away.

Everyone was “nervous and tense and very enthusiastic,” according to Adam, but as soon as the band started playing, all of their problems vanished. "They threw my guitar at me and told me to stand there and just go for it.

"I was comfortable with my guitar," he added.

Neighbours Fame

Since landing the role of Remi in Home and Away, actor Adam has been involved in a string of dramatic storylines.

Remi recently found himself the target of a scam artist in tense scenes on the soap.

On-screen character Ziggy Astoni is seen trying to help Remi, but lands herself in trouble after she hides this from her boyfriend Dean Thompson.

Ziggy and Remi are then seen being sold a dud van that begins to blow smoke, and when they return it to the seller, he locks them in a shed and leaves them there.

As Adam tackles this latest dramatic storyline, keen soap viewers may also remember the star from his role in former rival soap Neighbours, where the actor plays two different roles.

Back in 2018 Adam appeared as Sebastian Housler and three episodes from 2022 where he played Dr Oscar Russell.

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