Hollyoaks spoilers: Warren Fox and Liam Donovan in explosive clash at the pub as their rivalry turns violent – The Sun

HOLLYOAKS fans will soon see bad boys Warren Fox and Liam Donovan come to blows as their rivalry reaches boiling point.

The channel 4 serial drama will begin a new battle between the villains next week, as Warren is set to confront his nemesis.

The hardman is livid with Liam when he finds out that the schemer targeted Mercedes McQueen at The Dog.

In episodes this week, Liam will terrorise his ex by turning up at the public house with a group of his cronies.

Unable to stop the carnage they caused, Mercedes was left with no choice but to watch the group of criminals completely destroy the place.

After they had gone, a frightened Mercedes did her best to try and clean up the mess.

Warren meanwhile, is taking the incident very seriously as he works at the pub and is also sleeping with The Dog's owner Mercedes.

Due to Liam's unpredictable nature, the landlady warned Warren not to fight back, fearing that he may get hurt.

But determined not to take it lying down, Warren turns up at The Loft nightclub and makes a beeline for Liam, who is enjoying a drink with his goons.

Warren isn't afraid to make his presence felt as he plots revenge on Liam, who he comes face-to-face with in a intense showdown.

Warren Fox returned to the soap last month after disappearing with Sienna’s twins in 2017 shortly after she gave birth.

He made a dramatic comeback last month to announce that their son Sebastian needed a bone marrow transplant.

Since Warren's return, Hollyoaks have developed a storyline that will delve deeper into his troubled childhood – which he spent in a care home – and will lead to some explosive scenes with Richard Blackwood’s new character Felix Westwood.

Speaking about his character's new storyline on This Morning earlier this month, Jamie Lomas said:"I think fans will love it, and it will be really interesting."

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