Hollyoaks spoilers tease two baby bombshells, sad exits and Sienna wedding twist

Hollyoaks fans can expect plenty of drama next week as two villagers learn they are pregnant.

Zoe Anderson (Garica Brown) and Sam Chen-Williams (Matthew McGivern) bump into each other in upcoming scenes and things turn awkward between the former couple when she grabs a pregnancy test from her bag instead of a box of pens.

Sam gets carried away hoping a baby will bring them back together but Zoe tells him even if she was pregnant, they’re over.

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Also. Yazz Cunningham (Haiesha Mistry) goes to careers day at the school where she’s giving a talk.

However, things get on top of her when she realises Hunter McQueen (Theo Graham) expects her to do a talk on being a receptionist rather than a journalist.

At home, Tom Cunnginham (Ellis Hollin) tries to cheer up his wife Yazz and when he goes to make hot chocolate, she holds her positive pregnancy test.

Tom calms Yazz down and says he’ll help support her whatever she decides.

After some research online Yazz is still unsure what to with her pregnancy and a concerned Tom asks if she’s just looking for an excuse not to go through with it.

Elsehwere in the vilage, Ethan Williams (Matthew James Bailey) is in Sienna Blake's (Anna Passey) bad books for suggesting she marries Lord Rafe Harcourt (Chris Gordon) for the money, claiming he’s pimping her out.

In the village, Sienna runs into Lord Rafe who is taken back when she asks how he feels about the passing of his dad, admitting she is the first person to do so and how he doesn’t want anything left from him as it always comes with string attached.

Sienna and Ethan put their plan into motion when she kicks him out of their home, staging an argument in front of everyone including Lord Rafe in the village.

Will Sienna manage to get her hands on Lord Rafe's cash?

Also, Felix Westwood is desperate and upset that his son DeMarcus Westwood (Tomi Ade) is moving away and blames Mercedes for involving Warren, however she suggests he tells his business partner how he feels.

When a riled-up Felix storms into Warren’s flat, the two men come head to head, but the hurt ather takes his anger out on the furniture rather than his best friend.

Warren reminds Felix that he has a choice on what sort of dad he wants to be and right now supporting his son is the best thing he can do. Will DeMarcus go ahead with his big move?

Meanwhile, Imran Maalik (Ijaz Rana) is about to leave and start his new life and new job in London, however knowing he’ll have to leave behind his seriously ill friend, Juliet Nightingale (Niamh Blackshaw), is causing him to have second thoughts.

Zain Rizwaan (Jonas Khan) reminds his stepson that if it was the other way round, he’d want Juliet to go and live her life.

With his mind made up and wanting to be there for his best friend, Imran arrives home to tell his family he’s putting off the move but will he stick around for long?

Hollyoaks airs weeknights on channel 4 at 6.30pm followed by first-look episodes on E4 at 7pm

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