Hollyoaks cast: New, leaving and returning characters

PEADOPHILE Pete Buchanan is the latest Hollyoaks character to make an unwelcome return to the village as part of the soap's new mental health storyline.

With plenty of drama in store for 2021, here’s the lowdown on the Channel 4 soap's latest comings and goings…

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TBC (Curtis Pritchard) – joining

AJ Pritchard was quick to ruffle a number of feathers after making his first appearance as Marco last month.

Love Island 2019 star Curtis Pritchard is joining the soap cast as a guest star alongside his real-life brother. 

Curtis is expected to appear on Hollyoaks in the coming weeks.  

Curtis said on joining: "I am so excited to be working with my brother AJ on a show we grew up watching! I am also excited to continue our journey together with Channel 4 and E4."

Leela Lomax (Kirsty-Leigh Porter) – returning

Kirsty-Leigh is currently on a maternity break from Hollyoaks.

The actress shocked fans in December 2020 when announced she was secretly pregnant and had given birth.

Kirsty-Leigh is expected to return to the soap last this year, but there’s no official word yet. 

Leela made a brief return for Hollyoaks’ New Year episode as the storylines teased in the flashforward episode 12 months earlier were finally resolved.

Marco (AJ Pritchard) – joined

AJ Pritchard made his debut on the long-running Channel 4 soap at the end of March 2021 as dancer Marco. 

The newcomer quickly established his presence as a rival of Trish Minniver when he arrived just in time for the grand opening of her new dance school. 

AJ confirmed back in February 2021 that he and brother Curtis would be joining the soap. 

"I can’t believe we will be featuring on Hollyoaks, we have grown up with the show on TV and it’s always been one of our favourite serial dramas," he said at the time.

He added: "Our characters are fantastic, and we can’t wait for everyone to see how we bring them to life.”

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Fergus Collins (Robert Beck) – joined

Brookside legend Robert Beck joined Hollyoaks last month (March 2021).

The actor – who is married to Coronation Street star Jane Danson – plays Fergus Collins, Brad King’s former business associate and Trish Minniver’s ex-boyfriend. 

The dangerous businessman is set to start spying on Peri and her girlfriend Juliet in a sinister new storyline after he installs a hidden camera in Peri’s bedroom.

It's not yet clear whether Fergus's sick antics will be discovered, but we're guessing all hell will break loose if the truth comes exploding out.

Pete Buchanan (Kai Owen) – returned

Kai Owen has reprised his role as Cleo McQueen’s sexual abuser Pete Buchanan on the Channel 4 soap. 

Pete returned earlier this month (April 2021) as viewers saw him watching Cleo from afar. 

The villain was found guilty of abusing his stepdaughter Cleo and was handed a seven-year sentence back in 2016.

Hollyoaks has confirmed that Pete is back for good – and that he’s set to terrorise Cleo again as part of a new mental health storyline.

Sid Sumners (Billy Price) – returned

Sid left the village reeling after seemingly meeting a tragic end at the beginning of last month (March 2021) as the soap's County Lines storyline came to a terrifying head.

Fans thought it was all over for Sid when Victor Brothers stabbed him after James and Ste's plan to bring the dealer down failed miserably.

But in a huge death twist, Sid reappeared later in March and revealed he'd faked his death.

Drug dealer Victor Brothers might have been brought to justice following his reign of terror in the County Lines storyline, but just how Sid is going to navigate life after faking his death remains to be seen.

Teasing what’s to come for his character, he told Digital Spy: "From the stuff I've been filming now… he's done the deed and tried to take it into his own hands to finish what he started, in a sense, with the County Lines."

He added: "Now, we'll go back to him living with a disability. I feel like that will be quite nice."

Brad King (Tom Benedict Knight) – left

Trish Minniver’s sleazy boyfriend Brad King has made a hasty exit from Hollyoaks this month (April 2021) after joining the soap at the beginning of 2021.

Brad caused trouble from day one when he orchestrated a love triangle with Trish and her daughter Maxine Minniver. 

Tom Benedict Knight’s final scenes aired earlier this month (April 2021) after his love rival Fergus Collins sabotaged one of his dodgy deals and blackmailed him into departing.

Victor Brothers (Benjamin O’Mahony) – left

Benjamin O’Mahony confirmed he had quit the Channel 4 soap last month (March 2021) after his character Victor’s reign of terror came to an end.

The County Lines villain was finally arrested after the villagers came together to bring him down.

Posting on his Instagram page, Benjamin bid farewell to the soap but teased that the door had been left open for his return: "Victor out. Cheers @hollyoaksofficial it's been fun! Ciao… for now."

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