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FRESH faces have been making their way to Chester as many residents left or failed to live to see the end of 2022.

And with plenty of drama ahead, here's your guide to all the comings and goings in Hollyoaks.

Bobby Costello (Jayden Fox) – left

Mercedes McQueen was crushed when she realised her son Bobby Costello was responsible for her husband Sylver's death following the explosion at the Salon de Thé in early 2022.

To make matters worse, Sylver was only ONE of Bobby's victims as the young lad also killed Verity Hutchinson in shocking scenes.

Verity had figured out he'd been involved in Sylver's death and Bobby, ready to stoop to any low to keep his secrets safe, tipped over a bookcase on top of her.

The solicitor tried to expose Bobby for his actions but died of her the injuries she sustained.

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Bobby also murdered serial killer Silas Blissett but his rampage was put to an end when he was turned into the authorities with the help of his mother Mercedes.

Acotr Jayden Fox confirmed he had filmed Bobby's final scenes in a video posted on Hollyoaks' Instagram page, earlier this year.

Speaking of his departure from the soap, Jayden said: "I’d like to say thank you to everyone and I’d like to say a special thank you to Jen [Mercedes actress Jennifer Metcalfe] for putting up with me for five years. I’ve really had a good time with her and she’s been like a second mum to me and also thank you to all the fans – I hope you’ve all loved hating Bobby."

"Maybe I’ll see you again in the future, maybe I won’t, but that’s goodbye for now."

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Bobby's crimes include murder and arson, as he tried to get rid of Mercedes' new boyfriend Felix Westwood by setting fire to Price Slice.

Norma Crow (Glynis Barber) – left

Criminal mastermind Norma Crow made an explosive entrance into Hollyoaks by killing off one of her closest associates.

This immediately set the tone for the villain as she revealed a string of brand new secrets throughout her stint in the village.

But she clearly overstayed her welcome in recent scenes as she tried to take her grandchildren away from Sienna Blake (Anna Passey).

To top it all off, she admitted to her long-lost son Warren Fox (Jamie Lomas) she murdered his father as he was abusive to her.

In a morbid twist, she even revealed where she had buried him – under the floorboards of Warren's dilapidated childhood home, where they stood at the time.

Warren helped Norma move his father's corpse but Sienna had had enough of Norma's antics.

This resulted in Norma decide to leave the village until things cooled down and she headed to one of her safe houses.

But Hollyoaks fans can rest assured – Norma will reportedly be coming back to the village.

Honour Chen-Williams (Vera Chok) – left

Actress Vera Chok left the eponymous Channel 4 village after a year-long stint as matriarch Honour Chen-Williams.

Honour's exit scenes aired on our screens in April, 2023, after she received a job offer in London just as her marriage with husband Dave was headed straight for the rocks.

The couple faced trouble when it was revealed Dave was still married to his first bride Flora at the time he tied the knot with Honour.

Stung by the news, Honour found comfort in the form of Tony Hutchinson – whom she impulsively kissed.

Ahead of her departure, Honour teamed up with Dave to tell their children, Mason, Sam, Lizzie and Shing Lin about their breakup.

Mason blamed himself for Honour leaving as it was his link to Eric Foster that led to her lashing out against the criminal, an outburst which resulted in her losing her job in Chester.

Could Honour return to Hollyoaks?

Alex Burton (Liz Fletcher) – joined

Much like her husband Kelvin Fletcher did while he was in Emmerdale, Liz Fletcher found herself a spot in soapland by making her Hollyoaks debut on March 27, 2023.

The actress was introduced as bank manager Alex Burton and has been seen alongside Cindy Cunningham.

Speaking about joining the show, Liz said: "It has been so great to join such an iconic show and work with the wonderful talented cast."

But what could her character have in store for the village?

Dillon Ray (Nathaniel Dass) – joined

Actor Nathaniel Dass made his debut as the nephew of established character Misbah Maalik on April 21, 2023.

Hollyoaks boss Lucy Allen revealed earlier in the year that his arrival would cause Lucas Hay to begin questioning his sexuality.

Dillon arrived in Hollyoaks ready to cause trouble and dressed like a rock star.

The newcomer was expelled from school prior to his arrival in Hollyoaks but what sort of mischief could he cause?

Is romance lined up for him?

Imran Maalik (Ijaz Rana) – leaving?

One thing is certain – Dillon's arrival in Hollyoaks will be a wake-up call for his cousin, Imran.

After battling with an eating disorder, the beloved character gives Dillon a tour of the village as the newcomer gets ready to settle in with the Maalik clan.

But when Imran's tour turns into a trip down Memory Lane, the young chef realises he can't move forward from his past traumas by staying in the place that broke him.

Could Imran really leave the village for a fresh start?

If so, could he return in months to come?

Rafe Harcourt (Chris Gordon) – joining

Actor Chris Gordon, best known for his role in The Crown as the Duke of Edinburgh's valet, has been announced to join the Hollyoaks line-up as Rafe Harcourt, the Earl of Dee and a member of the nobility.

Rafe makes his first appearance in May, 2023, and meets Sienna Blake at the Chester Races.

The well-established character jeopardises her relationship with Ethan Williams as she strikes up a bond with the newcomer.

Speaking about his character, Chris said: "Joining the team at Hollyoaks feels a bit like meeting the family of a partner you really like – a little bit intimidating, but also very fulfilling."

"There's a real closeness throughout the departments and I've been welcomed into the fold with grace. Working with Anna has been an utter joy."

"Not only as an actor but as a person too. Sienna's journey collides with Rafe and there's… well, fireworks! He's not the usual man around town. The mystery and complexity of a road less travelled is something I'm really looking forward to playing and sharing with the fans."

Juan (Ariel Butwyna) – joining

Ariel was announced to join as brand new character Juan on March 24, 2023, and will make his first appearance later this year.

His character, Juan, is a Spanish dancer and choreographer who grabs the attention of Scott Drinkwell during a visit to Liverpool and he's set to become the fan favourite's new love interest.

"I'm having a fantastic time filming with Hollyoaks. I am so happy to be playing the role of Juan, who has such a lovely and sweet storyline with Scott", Ariel said.

"Working with Ross Adams is a true pleasure, and I've even had the chance to share some time on set with Alex Fletcher, everyone is so welcoming. Truly, a very kind and fun environment to work in."

But could there be more to Juan than meets the eye?

Lacey Lloyd (Annabelle Davis) – joined

The daughter of Warwick Davis, Annabelle, will be appearing as brand new character Lacey.

Lacey heads to the village for an interview at Dee Valley Law with James Nightingale – but can she impress him?

Lacey will also be moving to the brand new shared house that will see the younger cast band together to help facilitate an abundance of storylines.

Speaking of her housemates…

Rayne Royce (Jemma Donovan) – joined

Lacey will be settling down for a new life in Hollyoaks with her best friend Rayne, portrayed by former Neighbours star Jemma Donovan.

Rayne shakes things up immediately, catching the eyes of brothers Hunter and Prince McQueen – but both have vowed never to let anybody come in between them.

The outgoing influencer moves into a house with Lacey, Nadira Valli, Prince McQueen and Romeo Nightingale.

And on her part, Rayne feels sparks begin to fly with her roomie Romeo.

However, her turbulent past could stop her from getting into a new relationship.

What is she hiding?

Olivia Bradshaw (Emily Burnett) – left

Olivia left the soap in a bombshell episode set on her wedding day.

Her secret of kissing Hunter was finally revealed and caused shockwaves.

It left Olivia's marriage truly hanging in the balance. 

The wedding eventually descended into chaos with Prince calling Olivia out for her vile behaviour.

This prompted a heartbroken Olivia to leave the village altogether.

Could she return?

Luke Morgan (Gary Lucy) – left

Luke's death had been announced by soap bosses with months in advance, forcing fans to make peace with his demise.

Actor Gary Lucy had been a part of the Hollyoaks line-up for more than two decades.

In 2019, two years after one last return to the village, Luke was diagnosed with frontotemporal dementia.

At this point, he had found love in the arms of Cindy Cunningham who continued to stand by him after his diagnosis.

Luke and Cindy became engaged as a result, with the former convinced he had found the love a lifetime.

But amid a heart-breaking storyline – which also involved former EastEnders actor Matt Lapinskas for a brief stint as a villain – Luke was killed off during his stag do on June 9, 2022.

Luke was enjoying a trip to Mallorca with his loved ones when his dementia took hold of him and he fell from a cliff.

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He passed away from his injuries in hospital, surrounded by friends and family and while teary-eyed fans waved him goodbye.

Luke made a brief appearance following his death in a video shown in July, 2022, but Cindy remains inconsolable.

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