Hollyoaks airs shock death as fan favourite brutally killed by Breda McQueen

Hollyoaks fans were left distraught as a fan favourite was killed off in a surprise twist on Monday.

Harry Thompson was murdered by serial-killer Breda McQueen as she claimed her eight victim, originally intending to kill his father Tony Hutchinson.

Breda is on a mission to get rid of anyone she perceives as a bad parent, with Louis Loveday, Russ Owen and Mac Nightingale amongst her victims.

Now, Harry’s decision to run away after being framed for running over Grace Black led him to danger, following the birth of his child.

His ex Sadie recently showed up in the village and announced she was pregnant, leaving everyone stunned.

After giving birth to a baby boy, Sadie learned of Harry’s plans to flee the village without them as he vowed to clear his name.

Harry made a shock discovery though as he overheard Mercedes McQueen and Liam Donovan, Grace’s brother, confessing they were responsible for the crash.

Despite Mercedes threatening him to stay quiet, Harry recorded the conversation and planned to take it to the police to clear his name.

On the phone to his dad, he headed to the station only to be stopped in his tracks by Breda who had just learned from Sadie about Harry’s planned departure.

Breda stabbed Harry before telling him she was” a protector of God’s children” and that “dead-beat dads don’t deserve to live”.

In tragic scenes, as Breda let him die, Harry passed away just as he called out for his father leaving fans in tears.

Confirming his exit from the soap, actor Parry Glasspool said: “My time at Hollyoaks has been a rollercoaster, which has helped me grow both as a performer and a person.

“I’m so grateful to have worked with and learnt from the likes of Nick Pickard, Kieron Richardson and Gregory Finnegan, whose combined experience has been invaluable to me. Thank you also to our executive producer Bryan Kirkwood who gives us all so much support, it’s been brilliant to be part of the Hollyoaks team.

“As a side note, I really do hope someone, anyone finds out what Breda has been doing – because now it’s personal…”

Hollyoaks airs weeknights at 6:30pm on Channel 4, with the next episode at 7pm on E4.

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