Holly and Phil’s hug on This Morning was ‘scripted’ as pair ‘perform’ for camera

Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield are "both committed" to carrying on This Morning.

The pair have been presenting the flagship ITV daytime show together since 2009, but despite appearing on good terms on the show, speculation of a fallout behind the scenes remains.

Now a body language expert has hinted to The Daily Star that both of the pair will carry on the smiles on the show, but it's a very different story off camera.

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On today's edition (17 May) of the long-running magazine show, Phillip Schofield was made to present the show alone as his co-star left the studio following what seemed as a sweet embrace.

However, celebrity psychic Inbaal Honigman told The Daily Star that the hug from the pair seemed somewhat staged and the awkward tension between the pair was still visible.

She explained: "Phil and Holly's stiff embrace was, no doubt, pre-planned.

"Just before the hug, Holly holds her arms out to Phil, inviting him to embrace, and her whole body pauses for a second, as she holds her hands slightly up.

"This gesture says 'I am unarmed', it's a way for Holly to show that she means well. The pause makes it clear that the cuddle isn't spontaneous, it is in the script."

Although the pair shared what could be interpreted as a sweet hug by close friends, Inbaal also told The Daily Star that she finds a lack of "true emotion" in their actions and that it is simply a 'performance' for the cameras.

"The hug itself is a vision. They hold each other with all the care and gentleness of someone placing a new canister into the water cooler.

"Note what they're not doing – they aren't holding each other tightly, they aren't stroking each other's hair, they aren't using stroking motions at all.

"Those would have signified some true emotion between the two. Eye contact is entirely absent, so they're not sharing the moment, each is performing their part.

"What we do see, is Phil and Holly clutching each other's shoulders, in a move that wouldn't be out of place in a wrestling match, as they exchange a couple of pecks. Their embrace is swift and perfunctory, as if by request.

"This is interestingly mirrored, their gestures match one another, which shows that they're both as committed to the performance as each other."

The ITV duo were separated as Holly headed off to Buckingham Palace for her duties at the Prince's Trust Awards as in a first for the show, Phil was made to front the show alone.

This comes as the pair's future on the show has been up in the air, following feud rumours between the pals.


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