Here's How 'Supernatural' Ended After 15 Seasons

Carry on, my wayward fans

The CW

(Warning: Major spoilers ahead for the series finale of “Supernatural.”)

After 15 seasons, “Supernatural” came to an end Thursday with a series finale called “Carry On” and that’s what fans are going to have to do now that the Jensen Ackles- and Jared Padalecki-led CW series is over. And if you are one of the viewers who hasn’t gotten around to watching just yet, but would like to know how it all ends, TheWrap is here to help.

The short answer is Dean (Ackles) dies and Sam (Padalecki) lives out the rest of his life without his big brother, before the two are reunited in the shows final moments in heaven. But there is a little more to the final hour of the long-running CW series than that.

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