Happy Valley fans ‘work out’ Catherine Cawood will die after error

Happy Valley: Catherine's colleagues plan her retirement

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Happy Valley fans have been waiting to find out whether Tommy Lee Royce (played by James Norton) will come face-to-face with Catherine Cawood (Sarah Lancashire) in the final episode of the BBC series. The serial killer has been lying low ever since he broke free from the court, but he is hellbent on getting revenge on the copper.

However, when Tommy broke out of police custody, some eagle-eyed fans spotted a glaring error with one of the scenes.

They also pointed out a “mistake” in the show’s depiction of West Yorkshire.

At the end of episode four, a planned fight broke out at the court, giving Tommy the chance to break free.

The villain could be heard shouting “I am police” as he bolted out of the courtroom to a newsagent where a change of clothes and a bike were waiting for him.

However, many fans think he wanted to break free to go on the run with his son, Ryan Cawood (Rhys Connah), and to kill Catherine.

Fans came to this conclusion after pointing out a minor scene where two of Catherine’s colleagues discussed the sergeant’s upcoming retirement.

“I have been doing the whip round for weeks and I have raised £2,000,” one said.

“How much?” Catherine’s boss Mike Taylor (Rick Warden) quizzed. “For her?”

She replied: “She’s very popular, people she’s arrested have been in donating.

“Well, not all of them because some of them are still in prison.”

Although, many fans think this could be an indication that Catherine won’t make it to retirement.

James tweeted: “Within the next 12 hours Catherine Cawood’s either gonna retire or die and frankly I can’t wait that long to find out #HappyValley.” (sic)

@theDGrimmett shared: “They keep bringing up Catherine retirement which means she isn’t making it to retirement.” (sic)

While @thatsmypeachx added: “Something is telling me Catherine won’t be getting this retirement party..”

“So with all this retirement talk are both Tommy and Catherine gonna end up dead… #HappyValley,” @heyitsB shared.

Dawn predicted: “They keep telling us the ending will be satisfying and I’m holding on to the fact it wouldn’t be satisfying for the majority if Catherine didn’t get to retire #HappyValley.”

“I have a bad feeling Catherine will die in the #HappyValley finale. Too much of retirement talk and I feel they won’t let her retire and she will be killed on her last shift,” Mike went on to say.

User @Spliishie tweeted: “I’m so scared that Catherine Cawood is going to die instead of being able to retire and I don’t think I will be able to take it #HappyValley.”

Other viewers pointed out that Ryan getting a train in Yorkshire was not an accurate representation.

They joked that the fact that Ryan managed to get a train on time from West Yorkshire to Leeds was not very accurate.

Claire joked: “#HappyValley ‘How long does it take to get a train from Leeds to Halifax? 30 mins’.”

Ruth pointed out: “30 mins by train from Leeds to Halifax?! Not with the current state of @TPExpressTrains – you’d be lucky if there was a train running at all!! #HappyValley.”

Happy Valley returns tonight at 9pm on BBC One.

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