Guilt-ridden Kate Lawler admits fears over leaving baby Noa saying she wishes she'd taken more than 4 months off work

KATE Lawler is feeling guilty at the thought of going back to work four months after giving birth to her daughter Noa.

The 41-year-old Virgin Radio star – who recently admitted to not showering because she was scared to leave her baby – revealed she wished had taken more maternity leave.

Kate is heading back to work as a radio present at Virgin Radio 3 next month and felt "guilty" asking other mums how much time they took off work.

"I already regret not taking longer maternity leave. I wish I had taken proper time off everything," she wrote on her Instagram stories.

"I'm going back to Virgin Radio in 3 weeks and on top the other work I do on here etc it's such an overwhelming feeling.

"I just don't want to leave Noa. I thought I'd feel different. I really did. Everyone tells me, 'once you're back at work you'll feel like you again'… did you?"

She then felt even worse once her fans started sharing the amount of time they had taken for maternity leave and left her "feeling more guilty than I already did".

The former Big Brother champ has won praise from fans for her candid documenting of motherhood, but she has also been targeted by cruel mummy-shamers over the past 12 weeks.

Earlier this month, breastfeeding Kate defended treating herself to a glass of wine after expressing for Noa.

She appeared to pre-empt backlash while posing with her booze, writing: "Pumped. Wine time. Just a teeny one before anyone tells me I'm about to turn Noa into a p*** head."

Kate rose to fame after winning Big Brother in 2003 and recently revealed she performed a sex act while in the infamous house.

She managed to trick the show's all-seeing cameras and performed a sex act with Spencer Smith.

Kate explained that the pair were like "ninjas" in their subtlety between the sheets – and even carried out a dull conversation while it was going on to throw bosses off.

Speaking on pal Matt Richardson's When No-one's Watching podcast she boasted: "We got up to something under the covers which they never got on camera."

She told him: "When you’re in Big Brother you’re being filmed 24/7 and the Big Brother crew are like: 'We’ll get everything.'

"The producers are like: 'We’ll get everything on camera. We don’t ever miss… because you’re being filmed from multiple angles all the time.'

"Well, they didn’t actually get something in my Big Brother. To this day, they don’t know about it. In fact nobody does except me and Spencer."

Kate who is engaged to Noa's dad, Martin, revealed the pair were due to marry earlier this month but postponed it due to Covid.

"I've never loved anyone this much or felt so loved by anyone either," she wrote on Instagram.

"What should have been our wedding day 2021. Today was the second date we chose after we were forced to cancel our big day on June 13th 2020 due to Covid-19.

"Instead we'll be saying "I do" in 2022 but we celebrated what would have been our special day with lovely walk on Hampstead Heath, drinking a bottle of bubbles in our new paddling pool, sunbathing and enjoying the sunshine in our gorgeous garden with the kids."

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