Great British Bake Off’s Star Baker tonight WON’T win the show – and will be eliminated by ‘week four curse’

GREAT British Bake Off could be struck by the week four curse again tonight.

The bakers are in for the sweetest episode yet with Chocolate week – but it may not be such a treat for one unlucky contestant.

The curse goes that whoever is crowned Star Baker in week four has no chance of winning the show – because it has never happened.

Ever since the Star Baker title was introduced for its second series in 2011, week four has statistically been the unluckiest week to come out on top, according to Digital Spy.

Over the last ten series of the show, week four has challenged the bakers with a unique and niche specialism – including pies and tarts, batter, caramel and dairy.

This series' challenge is no different as the bakers will be challenged with making chocolate-themed confections while the tent heats up to 25 degrees.

But it's not just the specialist challenges that trip bakers up in week four.

In four out of ten series, the week four theme has been desserts.

Over the previous ten years, some of the show’s favourite bakers have taken the Star Baker prize on week four.

Some have even stormed ahead to the final – including season four’s Kimberley, series five’s Richard and last year’s Steph.

But none of these bakers went on to win the Bake Off crown.

Those that are in it to win it are best off winning Biscuit Week – as 78% of all the finalists between season two and season ten have won Star Baker for their biscuits.

Candice Brown won Star Baker for her biscuits in season seven and also ended up winning the competition.

If this year's show follows suit, Dave – who was Star Baker on Biscuit Week – is looking like the favourite for the 2020 final.

But although the trends are easy to see, sometimes a baker can break the mould.

Series ten winner David Atherton won the show's final and was the first contestant to win the show without ever being Star Baker.

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