Good Morning Britain's Piers Morgan threatens to "skin" guest alive in heated trophy hunting debate

Piers Morgan threatened to “skin” a Good Morning Britain guest alive in a fiery trophy hunting debate.

The presenter and his co-host Susanna Reid were joined by Steve Jones of Safari Club International, to discuss the campaign to ban trophy hunting.

As the pair discussed the killing of Cecil the Lion in 2015, along with the concept of flying to Africa to kill elephants and lions to take their carcasses back to the UK, Piers picked up on the fact that Jones advocated hunting because it aided conservation and also because “people enjoyed it”.

This led Piers to tell Steve he” might enjoy” shooting him with a bow and arrow and skinning him alive.

“I might enjoy spearing you in the back and putting your body on the wall in the studio,” he said.

“Would you like it if I tracked you down after you leave the studio, put a bow and arrow in you, skin you alive and put you on the wall here? ‘Would you like that just because I enjoy it? Maybe I would enjoy it Steve! So why shouldn’t I?’

The heated debate was picked up on by viewers on Twitter, who were actually on Morgan’s side in this issue.

Here are just a few of their reactions:

There’s a first time for everything, we suppose.

Good Morning Britain continues tomorrow morning (December 5) on ITV.

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