Good Morning Britain hit by technical blunder as broken studio screens plunge Dr Hilary Jones into darkness

GOOD Morning Britain was hit by a technical blunder today plunging guests into darkness.

Broken studio screens meant part of the breakfast show set was out of bounds – forcing Dr Hilary Jones to be moved from his usual seat.

"Unfortunately we do have a few technical difficulties for you this morning," explained Susanna.

"The director's been having nightmares overnight.

"We do have our normal screens, but you'll notice they're covered up."

Susanna then had to explain why Dr Hilary had been moved to the opposite side of the studio.

He waved over to the presenter as he continued with the job in hand while technicians worked to resolve the issue.

Susanna's co-host Bill Turnbull joked: "Is this all for me?" after his first show of the week was hit with technical difficulties.

He later lightened the mood as he kicked off his return with an x-rated sex joke.

His co-host Susanna Reid was left stunned as the cheeky presenter suggested they "have a go" on the studio floor.

He had to then clarify he meant "have a go" at yoga as the crew into erupted into laughter.

The 65-year-old TV presenter is fronting the show alongside Susanna – who he previously co-hosted BBC Breakfast with until she departed for ITV in 2014 – until Wednesday.

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