Gogglebox viewers sickened as woman has sex with duck in grim series Roar

Channel 4's Gogglebox fans were left horrified after watching a woman have sex with a duck in a grim TV series.

The cast of the show was also repulsed as they were told to watch the new Apple TV+ show titled Roar.

Clips of the controversial new show were aired on Friday night's programme (April 22).

In the strange clips shown on the Channel 4 show, the Gogglebox cast could be seen averting their eyes and wincing at the disgusting duck tale.

The episode shown was called The Woman Who Was Fed By A Duck and focused on a woman beginning a romantic relationship with a talking animal.

The cast could be seen laughing initially but once they realised the more intimate turn you could see their stomachs start to churn as the unlikely couple turned things up a notch.

The woman could be seen taking off her trousers and underwear with the duck between her legs.

The Goggleboxers were less than impressed and Giles even dubbed the programme "the worst thing I've ever seen on television".

He then turned to his wife Mary and added: "The duck can't physically…"

To which Mary hilariously interjected: "Well he can Nutty, he can use his beak…"

Viewers watching at home couldn't help but take their thoughts to Twitter the discuss the episode with others fans.

One user wrote: "Gogglebox should not be promoting shows that are basically insinuating bestiality. That was absolutely disgusting and wasn’t in the slightest bit funny."

Another added: "I am sincerely concerned about the producers and the writers of Roar. Those guys are not ok."

While a third penned: "Nah Gogglebox I actually give up this is disgusting."

"No wonder people are cancelling their Netflix memberships if these are the kind of shows they're producing. A woman shagging a duck? That's just disgusting man," shared a fourth.

A fifth put: "That is the maddest thing I’ve ever seen – what the actual duck".

Someone else added: "What the duck! That was some way to end Gogglebox."

"I have no words…. I'm off to bleach my eyes," a seventh posted.

Another viewer echoed the words of Gogglebox' Giles and said: "'It's the worst thing I've ever seen on television.' Probably not wrong this time."

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