Gogglebox fans fume over change for Ben Elton’s new Channel 4 show

Gogglebox cast bemused at 'butter board' segment on This Morning

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Gogglebox fans have fumed at the change in scheduling for their much-loved Channel 4 show. The station’s bosses have moved the unique reality show to Saturday to make way for Ben Elton’s return to prime time TV.

Channel 4 announced: “It’s one for your diary. Brand new Gogglebox isn’t on its usual Friday night spot. Saturday at 9pm is your go-to for this week over on Channel 4.”

Supporter of the decision, Nick Bent tweeted: “Friday Night Live back on Friday night Channel 4. It was incredible and important back in the day – I have everything crossed for Friday. Good luck all.”

However, regular viewers of the Channel 4 favourite flocked to twitter to air their grievances over the broadcaster’s decision.

JKay2021 wrote: “They didn’t just announce that #Gogglebox will be on Saturday nights instead of Friday nights from next week, did they?? I ruddy-well hope not.”

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Phil Earle said: “Can’t believe the news today. How dare they move Gogglebox to Saturday nights. Livid. Broken Britain.”

@pjmeek wrote: “You can’t move #Gogglebox to a Saturday night to make way for Ben Elton…..”

@htbuk1992 fumed: “Moving #Gogglebox to Saturday nights is a stupid idea. If you’re gonna move it, Sunday and Thursday are the best choices. Do you actually want to kill off a great show, Channel 4?”

With the news of Liz Truss’ resignation, some fans will be disappointed about waiting an extra day to see the entertaining reactions from the show’s regulars.

Maya wrote: “Is it just me but whenever our country is going through a political mess I can’t wait to see the people on Gogglebox reacting to it?”

The unpopular move among loyal fans comes as Friday Night Live makes a one-off return to Channel 4 on 21 October.

Ben Elton will be fronting the 90 minute show alongside comedy legends Julian Clary, Harry Enfield and Jo Brand, who all had their big break in the original series during the 1980s.

According to producers the event will also showcase “the hottest new wave stand-ups and character comedians in a dangerously live night of comedy”.

The Return of Friday Night Live will form part of the network’s 40th Birthday celebrations and Ben recently reflected on how comedy has changed in that time.

He declared to Radio Times: “I think it’s a shame that there are no rules.

“We were so lucky because we had all these very difficult strict rules, ‘You can’t swear, you can’t talk about sex.'”

He continued: “It meant we had to be very creative to find ways to do just that.

“But if you’re basically able to say anything, then nobody’s going to bother thinking of any more interesting way of saying it.”

He added: “There is now a new way of thinking, and you will be required to think it. Much of these new ideas, but I’m slightly worried about being told I have to.”

Ben has also described what it’s like performing stand-up during a huge week in politics and told the Mirror: “In many ways it is a great week to do it because everybody’s jaw is on the ground with astonishment and horror.

“But it’s also a bad week to do it because the situation is being so fully discussed by literally everybody.”

The Return of Friday Night Live airs on October 21 at 9pm and Gogglebox returns to Channel 4 on Saturday, October 22 at 9pm

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