Gogglebox fans fear Giles got ‘dressed in the dark’ as they spot wardrobe mishap

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Gogglebox’s star TV-watcher Giles appeared to have his jumper on inside out in the latest show.

Giles and Mary are a married husband and wife couple and swiftly became one of the most hilarious duos on the Friday night Channel 4 series.

Tonight, viewers were dismayed to see the pair having a bit of a nightmare after Giles accidentally spilt a cup of coffee all over their living room.

Mary did her best to carry on watching the TV shows as Giles got down and cleaned up, giving fans a prime view of his navy sweater being inside out.

Viewers flocked to Twitter to talk about one of their favourite Gogglebox duos, as fans instantly noticed Giles was wearing his jumper the wrong way round.

"Giles love your sweater is inside out #Gogglebox," one person posted.

Another asked: "Did Giles get dressed in the dark? Jumpers inside out #Gogglebox."

"A dramatic night at Giles and Mary’s. My Mum finds Giles in particular hilarious and I just said we haven’t seen much of them so far tonight Face with tears of joy #Gogglebox," a third giggled in glee.

While a fourth was left feeling rather uneasy from the scenes that unfolded, and the mess the comedy duo live in.

“Giles & Mary are one of those posh couples in a huge falling apart house that they never clean, aren't they? #Gogglebox,” they guessed.

Others found Giles’ mention of a certain drink hilarious, as one fan tweeted: "Who even drinks 'Elderflower Cordial'? #Gogglebox," next to a laughter emoji.

And another added: "#GoggleBox. You spilled drink over your books and, rather than clean it, you'd rather shuffle off your mortal coil. Going a bit far to avoid cleaning."

While there were a few choice tuts from Mary, she eventually told her hubby there was "no harm done".

"We had another little accident yesterday while you were indisposed," Giles then found the time to slip in.

Mary was alarmed, and Giles proceeded to tell his wife he’d had another spillage.

"I knocked a bottle of elderflower cordial all over my pile of special books," he admitted. "So when I open them in a year’s time the pages will all be stuck together."

"I think it’s time we shuffled off this mortal coil Mary," Giles finished dramatically. “I think we’ve served our purpose."

Gogglebox continues Fridays at 9pm on Channel 4.

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