GMB’s Kate Garraway admits ‘I’m never going to live it down’ after huge blunder

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    Good Morning Britain host Kate Garraway was left rather red-faced after she made an epic gaffe live on air.

    The hit ITV show returned for another on instalment Thursday (September 7) with Kate and Ben Shephard back at the helm.

    But things took an awkward turn when the pair gave viewers an update on what was to come on the programme.

    Kate said: “On the show, we have Jemma Redgrave to tell us how she’s reuniting with the brand new time lord, as well as starting in her own Doctor Who series.”

    “And how she’s playing an octopus on stage, very intrigued by that,” Kate added.

    However, co-host Ben looked stumped at Kate’s comment and told her: “No, she’s not playing an octopus!”

    Confused, Kate replied: “I thought she was,” before Ben said: “No no no,” as he burst out in laughter.

    Kate went on: “Have I got this all wrong? That’s why I was so confused in the morning meeting!”

    Unable to control his laughter, Ben sighed and confessed: “It’s only my first day back as well.”

    Kate then laughed, before Ben explained: “She plays a scientist who is looking after an octopus.”

    The TV fave quipped: “Oh that makes more sense.”

    But Ben then admitted: “I need a lie down.”

    After the break, and still embarrassed over her blunder, Kate told viewers: “I’m never going to live that down.”

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