Gladiator icon Jet ‘felt like Bridget Jones’ in tight lycra with ‘itchy lining’

Gladiators: Hunter and Jet reunite after 25 years

Gladiators icon Diane Youdale has admitted she felt like Bridget Jones when she put her original Jet costume on before she had it modified.

Reflecting on the moment she saw Jet’s outfit for the first time, Diane quipped: “Well, when I put my original costume on, I felt like Bridget Jones! You know big pants and a really horrible itchy lining around your wristbands and lycra.

“It wasn’t right. I didn’t feel like the costume was very flattering so over the years I remodified the costume.

“I wanted my legs to look a bit longer and also wanted to have something which showed off my curves – I thought that could be a good distraction for the battles!”

The 53-year-old told ICE36 she had a “few issues” with her body when she was growing up, suffering from body dysmorphia as a teenager.

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The former athlete felt comfortable being part of Gladiators as the show celebrated her muscular, curvaceous figure.

The former dancer said: “I felt at home there. I didn’t feel like the big muscley girl in the corner of the dance studio. The show was a bit of an evolution for me and my body. “

Diane stepped down from Gladiators in 1996 following a neck injury. She went on to co-host the final series of Finders Keepers and You Bet!

The reboot of Gladiators will be hosted by father and son duo Bradley and Barney Walsh. Bradley’s best known for hosting The Chase on ITV.

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A total of 16 new gladiators have been revealed for the revival of the hit game show.

They include Winter Olympic star Montell Douglas, 6ft5ins bodybuilder Jamie Christian Johal, former footballer Livi Sheldon and the show’s first deaf gladiator, Jodie Ounsley.

Kate Phillips, BBC director of unscripted, said: “Gladiators is back, and a whole new generation of viewers can now look forward to watching a Saturday night spectacle like no other.

“Will the contenders have the will and the skill to succeed against our mighty new Gladiators?”

It is understood the new series will include fresh games alongside classic challenges, with each episode ending with The Eliminator, which used to be a fan favourite.

Dan Baldwin, Managing Director of Hungry Bear, said of the show: “It’s the perfect time for Gladiators to return.

“What other show combines electric excitement, superheroes, giant sponge fingers, elite athletes, and a pinch of pantomime?”

Gladiators lands on BBC One on a date yet to be announced this autumn.

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