Gino D’Acampo ordered off Loose Women set after awkward entrance blunder

TV chef Gino D'Acampo made his return to UK TV yesterday but instead of appearing on This Morning he caught up with the Loose Women – and caused plenty of mayhem.

Gino started off by walking onto the set at the wrong time,

The star wandered onto the set unannounced way before he was due to sit alongside Jane Moore, Linda Robson, Denise Welch and Brenda Edwards.

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The ladies had been talking about whether or not it is okay for family and friends to pop over unannounced and had just received the poll from the audience.

Then Gino decided it was time for him to make an "unannounced" appearance and wandered onto the set.

Jane shouted at him: "No, not yet."

Gino then asked: "How long do I need to wait?"

Jane fired back: "After the break. Go on! Back out.

Jane then turned to the camera and said: "Goodness me. Well, as you now know, everyone's favourite TV chef Gino D'Acampo will be here."

Then during his actual appearance on the show, Gino and Jane both kept talking over one another.

Gino was on the show trying to promote his new cookbook however it seemed that Jane kept shutting him down.

Just as the credits were about to roll Gino tried to make a special "announcement" but Jane wouldn't let him.

She cut him off while he was speaking and said: "Lovely to see you and as Gino might have mentioned, his cookbook is out now."

Gino interrupted to say: "You don't need to say that really, they've got it, Gino's Italy…"

He then went to try and make his 'announcement', adding: "One second, one second I've just got to make an announcement!"

Jane cut in and said: "That is it," before diving into what viewers of the show could expect on tomorrow's episode of Loose Women.

"But I was just in the middle of the announcement," Gino continued as Linda pretended to hold her hand over his mouth.

He then managed to add: "So I'm here and you plug someone else's book," as Jane waved goodbye to the viewers.

Loose Women fans took to Twitter to comment on the mayhem.

One wrote: "Why bring Gino out and speak over him… that’s not good #LooseWomen."

Another said: "Wish gino had a longer segment #LooseWomen."

While some didn't enjoy the Gino feature.

One said: "Gino advertising his book feels like a Drag Race challenge, he’s mentioning it EVERY sentence. #LooseWomen."

While a second penned: "Christ alive Gino, attention seeker much #loosewomen."


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