German Big Brother contestant ‘feels more in lockdown’ in outside world

Big Brother Germany star Jade Übach believes the TV programme’s compound is safer than the real world, after being evicted during the Covid-19 pandemic.

After being in lockdown on the Sat.1 programme, filmed in Cologne, you’d think the reality stars would find it a cakewalk to have to go into quarantine after leaving the show, which doesn’t have its finale until 18 May.

Not on your nelly.

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For Jade, 26, who left the show three weeks ago, she’s finding it anything but, having returned home alone and unable to be reunited with friends and family for the foreseeable future.

‘Honestly, I would have preferred staying in there,’ Jade tells ‘I can be with everyone, I didn’t even feel like I was in lockdown there, I feel more in lockdown at home because I’m on my own.’

She continued: ‘Being in the house is the safest place you could ever be because no one has it [coronavirus], you’re not allowed to go outside.

‘Still, we’ve been living our lives, well what were our lives in there, and what I’m doing here is completely not my life. I like going out every weekend, partying, going to parks, and I can’t do it. Now I’m not living my normal life.’

The influencer – who has been on other reality programmes in Germany – went into the house as an intruder on day 29 so she had an idea about coronavirus which was fast spreading at that stage.

While she was banned from telling anyone about it in the house, Jade had no idea of the severity of the pandemic, when host Jochen Schropp entered the house last month to inform the housemates of the rising crisis.

She said: ‘We didn’t really know it was that bad, because when Jochen told us about it, it was like, “ok”, but when I got out I was shocked. I couldn’t’ see my friends and family, or go shopping.

‘When I got in, I got in later than the others. I already knew about the coronavirus, but the others didn’t know anything, but I wasn’t allowed to talk to them about it.’

Jade added: ‘I was doing a lot of jokes about it, but now it’s serious-serious. It was hard not to talk about it.’

Having spent weeks thinking about all the things she wanted to do once she was back on the outside, Jade was left floored when she was immediately sent back home without the welcome wagon evictees usually receive.

However she detailed the show had provided someone for her to talk to in their aftercare if she needed help.

Leaving the house to a vastly different world than when she went in, the influencer even decided against using her boosted profile to cash in – and didn’t make any money for two weeks.

‘I didn’t want to do anything on Instagram because I don’t think it’s worth it when some people are dying and I’m selling hair treatments,’ she said. ‘In the beginning, I didn’t earn any money. But I’m starting again because we have to start living our life – not doing my job and not earning money doesn’t make sense. But I need to look at what I’m doing.’

Germany has seen more than 5,000 people die from coronavirus, while worldwide the death toll has topped 184,000.

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