Geoff Metcalfe’s huge discovery in Coronation Street explained ahead of Yasmeen’s attack

GEOFF Metcalfe is set to make a huge discovery about Yasmeen in Coronation Street tonight (April 29, 2020) that will lead to him ramping up his abuse.

Geoff – who is played by Ian Bartholomew on the ITV soap – is set to launch at Yasmeen with a knife and end up getting bottled in upcoming scenes – but what does he discover tonight? Here’s everything you need to know…

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What does Geoff discover in Coronation Street?

Tonight’s episode of Coronation Street (April 29, 2020) will see Geoff head out to the corner shop and spy on Yasmeen from his secret security camera feed on his phone. 

No doubt he expects to see her pottering about the house cleaning and cooking.

But the brute’s blood boils when he sees Yasmeen stuffing clothes in a holdall and locking it in a cupboard

Realising she plans to leave him, he returns home and calmly asks for the key to the cupboard.

A panicked Yasmeen then pretends she can’t find it. 

Geoff enjoys watching her scramble around but then suddenly grabs the key out of her pocket in a furious rage and forces her to unlock the cupboard. 

Later in the week, Geoff worries about Yasmeen escaping his clutches and locks her in the house and confiscates her phone as he leaves.

Is Geoff going to die in Coronation Street?

It’s the news fans have been waiting for – Yasmeen finally fights back against her abusive husband Geoff when he launches at her with a knife next week and slashes him with a bottle. 

But fans will be dismayed to know that Yasmeen's abuse ordeal won't end with the attack as Geoff will survive – and Yasmeen will find herself being charged with attempted murder.

So no – Geoff isn't going to die and is going to put Yasmeen through even more hell in the upcoming weeks.

Official spoilers have revealed that Alya will rush round trying to get their friends and family to believe that Geoff has been abusing her for months after she’s charged next week. 

The granddaughter addresses everyone in the Rovers and explains what's happened – but will they believe her?

What has Ian Bartholomew said about the coercive control storyline?

Actor Ian – who plays Geoff on the ITV soap – spoke to presenter Lorraine Kelly on Good Morning Britain about the harrowing storyline. 

He explained about his character Geoff: "He's supposed to be [evil] that's sort of the point in a way.

"That's what we wanted to focus on, domestic abuse doesn't have to be violent it can lead to violence and that's what makes it stick, they're never sure when it's going to explode into violence, he's a very nasty man I don't like him at all if it's any consolation."

Explaining why Yasmeen hasn't managed to leave Geoff, he said: "We did a lot of our research with Women's Aid and they've been very involved in development of the storyline.

"It's been a slow burn and that's how people get involved in a situation with people they can't control anymore with a controlling perpetrator. Because it takes such a long time you don't realise it's creeping up on people. 

"Loads of people say why doesn't Yasmeen leave him, but he's pulled her in so far she doesn't know how to make any choice for herself anymore. 

"Over the last few weeks Geoff has become very nasty and cruel and that's what makes it really near the knuckle."

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