General Hospital spoilers: Nina's hit with a bombshell

General Hospital is back with new episodes this week and fans will be treated the usual drama they love as the storylines continue right where they left off.

After weeks of curated reruns and throwback episodes, we are finally getting the chance to learn what happens next.

Executive producer Frank Valentini previously teased: ‘The very first few seconds of the show, I think, will blow a lot of the audience’s mind because there’s a big surprise that we inserted in.’

So it feels safe to say things will definitely restart with a bang.

Monday’s episode sees Jax impressed with Nina’s strength while Nelle is shaken by a situation.

Ned and Olivia clash, Valentin meets with Brook Lynn and Portia has an uncomfortable encounter.

On Tuesday, Carly comes home to a distraught Sonny. Valentin and Martin continue to strategize, while Brook Lynn interrupts Ned.

Nelle is confrontational, as always, while Monica is completely committed to a cause.

Wednesday sees Sonny having a crisis of conscience while Valentin propositions Sam.

Willow and Michael grow closer after their marriage as Nelle makes demands to see Wiley, and Alexis gets a visit from an old friend.

On Thursday Jordan confides in Jason while Maxie and Lucy agree on a decision about Deception.

Sam and Carly bond over a common struggle, Curtis runs into Chase and Cyrus meets with Brando.

Friday will see Sonny visit with Brando while Cyrus continues to manipulate Jordan.

Finn and Portia bond over the relationships they have with their daughters, Maxie has seconds thoughts and Anna defends Peter.

General Hospital airs weekdays at 2pm on ABC.

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