GB News and Andrew Neil praised for ‘brilliant grilling’ of Rishi Sunak

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GB News may have been hit with countess tech issues since launching on Sunday but it seems the fledgling TV channel may be turning a corner.

After days of negative comments in relation to sound and video woes, Twitter appeared to get behind the channel after Chancellor of the Exchequer Rishi Sunak appeared on the show.

The MP and Cabinet member opened himself up for an extending grilling from GB News chairman and former BBC regular Andrew Neil.

During the 30 minute interview, Rishi was probed repeatedly about his lack of support during the pandemic for thousands of self-employed workers.

He also was pushed about the government's so-called triple lock on pensions which could cost the UK tax payer billions of pounds later this year.

While holding his own, Rishi was left squirming at some points – something met with joy from GB News viewers.

Taking to Twitter, one fan wrote: "A good, probing interview from Andrew Neil with Sunak tonight. A good advert for #GBNews."

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Another gloated: "Andrew Neil just made a minced beef pie out of Rishi Sunak #GBNews."

"Rishi Sunak getting a barrage from Andrew Neil, he's holding his own though #GBNews," a third chimed in.

Meanwhile, a fourth wrote: "Andrew Neil grilling Rishi Sunak about the lack of support for the self employed," before adding a clapping hands emojil.

Others were overjoyed to see Andrew back taking on politicians after a break from his usual TV takedowns.

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"The long interview is back!!! Not a 15 minute shout out and gotcha questions. Andrew Neil didn’t hold back on Rishi Sunak … hopefully Andrew Nei will get Keir Starmer on soon! #gbnews," one viewer gushed.

Another penned: "Loving #GBNews Andrew Neil is brilliant and Rishi Sunak is holding his own. Proper grown up TV. (I don’t agree with Sunak, but all credit to him for appearing)."

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