Game Of Thrones star gets a job at Asda to lend hand during coronavirus pandemic

Game Of Thrones actor Michael Condron has switched Westeros for a new role as an Asda delivery driver to lend a hand during the coronavirus pandemic. 

The star is best known to fans of the fantasy series as Bowen Marsh – Lord Steward Of The Night’s Watch – but with tough times ahead he’s taken up to helping others with deliveries around Belfast. 

What’s more, he’s enjoying it so much he’s up for keeping it on part-time as he continues his acting career once the lockdown has lifted. 

Speaking to Belfast Live, he said: ‘Every single person has a role to play in these times. People now should really appreciate the hard work that everybody does. 

‘I think people who work in supermarkets have often been taken for granted.’ 

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Doing around 17 deliveries a day, Michael says that the interaction with people has helped him stay ‘in a mentally good place’, as he isolates away from his girlfriend, who is staying with her mum. 

‘I’ve been having a brilliant time meeting people I’ve never met before,’ he said

The star added: ‘Some of the elderly people I see haven’t been able to get out of their homes due to the lockdown and they just want to talk.’ 

Michael appeared in 10 episodes of Game Of Thrones – sealing the fate of Jon Snow (Kit Harrington) by taking part in the mutiny that saw the leading star stabbed multiple times. 

After he was brought back to life, Marsh and the rest of those who betrayed Jon were hanged, with his final words defiant as he told Jon he shouldn’t be alive. 

Game Of Thrones is available to watch on Sky on Demand. 

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