Freeform Poked Fun At The ‘Shadowhunters’ Twitter Campaign And Fans Aren’t Happy

If there’s one fanbase you shouldn’t mock, it would be the rabid following of Shadowhunters. Freeform poked the bear while airing a “POPnKnowledge” version of Toy Story. In what started off as a joke turned into an all-out attack of Shadowhunters fans.

During Freeform’s “POPnKnowledge” airing of the Pixar classic, fun facts and trivia pop up on the screen while the film plays. In one particular scene, Andy is about to go out and his mom says he is allowed to bring one toy. Woody uses a Magic 8 Ball to ask if he Andy will pick him. While he shakes the all-knowing ball for an answer, the question “Will Freeform save Shadowhunters if I keep tweeting about it?” playfully pops up on the screen. The answer “DON’T COUNT ON IT” appears through the inky water. Funny, right? Well, not if you ask the legion of Shadowunters fans. Twitter blew up with backlash.

One fan wrote: “More than anything, it speaks towards the heartless nature of the TV business sometimes and a lack of gratitude sometimes to the fans who are responsible for making shows successful in the first place.” Another fan attacked Freeform’s parent company Disney and the upcoming release of Mary Poppins Returns. “Was looking forward to seeing this but it won’t be happening thanks to the disrespect shown to the #Shadowhunters fans by @FreeformTV during their broadcast of Toy Story.”

“I can’t believe they did that, and during Toy Story of all things,” chimed in another fan. “It was so tacky and rude to fans of both Toy Story and #Shadowhunters. I’ve never even seen Shadowhunters, but I hope someone shows better class and helps them out. #SaveShadowhunters”

The #SaveShadowhunters Twitter campaign has been alive on the social media platform since it was announced that the series would be ending after three seasons. Diehard fans have has been stopping at nothing to bring the show back for a fourth season with the campaign. Fans went beyond Twitter and organized for a plane with a #SaveShadowhunters banner to circle Netflix’s LA headquarters, rented two billboards in Times Square and raised over $20,000 for various charities. They also popped up in Korea with a month-long campaign in the Seoul subway — positioned in the station closest to Netflix’s local office and hit London with double-decker bus ads. The expanded 12-episode final season, dubbed Shadowhunters: The Final Hunt, is set to air in spring 2019.

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