Frankie Bridge reveals she is having 'bad withdrawals' from anti-depressants after forgetting to order more

FRANKIE Bridge has revealed that she's been having 'really bad withdrawals' from her anti-depressants.

The 32-year-old took to her Instagram yesterday and explained the reason why she's suffering withdrawals is because she forgot to order more medication.

The Saturdays singer said that to due to the Bank Holiday weekend she was unable to get her prescription until yesterday.

Frankie candidly shared how her body was reacting to "5 or 6 days" without her medication and said she's been "really not feeling myself" on her Instagram Stories.

She began: "Just before the Bank Holiday I realised I'd ran out of my anti-depressants and obviously I couldn’t get any until after the Bank Holiday was over.

"And I still haven’t got them, so now I've been getting really bad withdrawals.

"It's really weird, the only way I can describe it is you know that first thing when you have had a drink, and your eyes feel a bit funny and your head feels a bit numb and it feels like you’re in a bit of a dream?

"So I feel really out of it, like I can’t really concentrate on anything and I'm getting bad headaches, I'm tired, I'm feeling sick. Just really not feeling myself."

The former Strictly star said that she was due to have her prescriptiondelivered yesterday and would be taking her tablets as soon as possible.

She continued: "So they’re hopefully being delivered today, which will be 5 or 6 days that I've not been on them so I will take them as soon as they come.

"But I do this all the time. I've now set monthly reminders on my phone so hopefully I don't forget again."

On top of forgetting to reorder her prescription, Frankie said that she's just started the seven-day break for her pill and is on her period and feeling "hormonal".

She added that husband Wayne "deserves a medal" for everything he's "had to deal with over the past week"

Discussing her difficult week, Frankie admitted: "I'm going between that feeling of wanting to cry, scream and shout all at the same time."

The What About Us singer then urged her 1.3million followers to always make sure they're up to date on with their own prescriptions to avoid running out.  

Frankie then told fans that being busy over the past few weeks led her to forget to reorder more anti-depressants and in turn stay off social media in recent days.

The mother-of-two said: "I have been in a bad place. I was really, really busy, the last few weeks which I’m really grateful for and all the things I’ve loved and enjoyed. 

"But I haven’t been that busy for so long because of corona and I think it just really hit me, the tiredness and the guilt of being away from the boys in the Easter Holidays and the last day of their old school…

'"The house has just been ripped apart, for me it's been a bit much all at once and I did my usual and just before Bank Holiday realised I'd ran out of my antidepressants."

Since taking a break from the charts, Frankie has become mental health advocate and regularly shares insights about her mental health battles on Instagram in a bid to empower others.

She was named the Mental Health Game Changer winner at Glamour's Women Of the Year Awards 2021.

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