Four In A Bed host fumes ‘I don’t see the point’ over guest’s request

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Channel 4 went to Yorkshire for this week’s episodes of Four In A Bed to visit three couples’ B&Bs.

During the latest episode, Rob and his partner Heloisa welcomed the other contestants to The Lime Tree Inn which includes its very own vineyard.

The Lime Tree Inn boasts seven rooms which cost up to £165 per night and includes a homemade breakfast.

The pair were determined to impress their guests so Rob pulled out all the stops at breakfast and in the wine cellar.

His work appeared to pay off as the guests loved the wine and food, but they ended up getting some rather harsh feedback which ruffled Heloisa’s feathers at the end of the episode.

Guests Pav and Heena gave Rob and Heloisa a seven out of 10 for their facilities compared to the others who rated them top marks.

Reading the feedback, Rob said: “For the price, I would expect a desk, a fridge and an ironing board.”

His partner fumed: “Now you don’t come here to sit at a desk, you come here to get your wellies dirty.

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“If he needs a fridge maybe he would not be dining with us because he is going to pick something up from the corner shop and eat it over his desk while he is working.

“The ironing board, I don’t see the point unless you have a massive one in every room.

“That is the reason we have three at the disposal of any of our customers at one time if they request it.”

Despite the criticism, Pav gave the couple a 10 for the comfort of the bed he slept in and for Rob’s homemade breakfast.

However, Rob and Heloisa were left looking unimpressed when Pav and his business partner said they would not stay at their B&B again.

Heloisa gasped at the negative feedback, with Rob adding: “Wowzas. I’m kind of annoyed by it all now.

“I am curious to know what [Pav’s] operations will be like.”

Four In A Bed continues tomorrow at 5pm on Channel 4 and All4.

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