Former Doctor Who boss blames being ‘drunk on power’ for glaring continuity error – The Sun

STEVEN Moffat the former Doctor Who boss has a quirky reason why he let a glaring continuity error slip past him onto the show.

Speaking about the 2014 episode, Listen, during a fan watchalong, the former Doctor Who runner explained why he gave companion Clara (Jenna Coleman) the wrong lines to say.

The episode featured The Doctor (Peter Capaldi) and Clara tracking a monster who fed on children's fear and revisited The Doctor's childhood on Gallifrey.

During the episode Clara made a speech that was a throwback to a Doctor Who episode from the 1960s, where she said "fear makes companions of us all".

The original line spoken by the First Doctor, William Hartnell, was "of all of us".

Moffat explained on his temporary Twitter account, which he set up to tweet during the watchalong, why he mixed up the lines.

He wrote: "'Fear make companions of all of us!' The very first time the Dr is nice to anyone in Dr Who, those are his words (we had to wait till ep 3).

"Always loved the line, and the kindness that first emerged with it. This was my love letter to it."

"And in fact, I misquoted the line. Hartnell says 'of all of us' and Jenna says 'of us all.'

"Knew it was wrong, but couldn't let go of the way I'd misremembered it for so long. Like, was the DG gonna fine me cos I misquoted Hartnell. Drunk with power, I was."

Moffat's admission came as the BBC revealed more details about its new Time Lord Victorious adventure.

BBC Books announced two novels in the first of its mysterious project, which it teased last month.

Both will star Tennant – who played the tenth Doctor in the evergreen BBC sci-fi series – exploring themes that emerged in the actor’s last year in the role back in 2010.

The first book is titled Doctor Who: The Knight, The Fool and The Dead and written by Steve Cole.

In it the Doctor will travel back to the Dark Times of the universe to try and prevent death from ever becoming part of life.

The second story is called All Flesh is Grass and is written by Una McCormack, which will deal with the consequences of the Doctor’s actions, as he meets his past selves as those around him keep dying.

The BBC last month announced Time Lord Victorious would tell a new story, set within the Dark Times at the start of the universe, when even the Eternals were young.

It promises to be an "amazing epic" multi-platform experience will tell the story of several doctors protecting Gallifrey using different mediums including, comic books, audio dramas, magazines and more.

Former Doctor Who stars Billie Piper and Christopher Eccleston will also be returning to the Doctor Who universe.

The BBC said last month in a statement: “Following several Doctors across space and time as they defend their home planet from a terrible race, this is a story like no other.”

Doctor Who: The Knight, The Fool and The Dead and Doctor Who: All Flesh is Grass cost £9.99, and are available for pre-order here and here

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