'Fear Factor' Producers Took Extra Steps to Prevent Contestants from Getting Seriously Injured

For daredevils and thrill-seekers, Fear Factor was the go-to TV show in the early 2000s. The popular stunt game show featured individuals competing for a grand cash prize.

The intense stunts and gross challenges had viewers on the edge of their seats wondering if the contestants could successfully make it through each of the three rounds and who would be eliminated. Little did fans know the strict physical screenings Fear Factor contestants had to pass before making it onto the TV show.

The producers took extra precautions to prevent injury and keep individuals safe. 

History of ‘Fear Factor’

Fear Factor was a stunt game show that first aired on NBC in 2001. The original show was hosted by UFC commentator Joe Rogan and later by Ludacris when the TV show was revived in 2017. Fear Factor featured a group of brave and fit contestants who were pitted against each other to complete three extremely terrifying or disgusting challenges.

Each of the challenges was designed to test the group physically and mentally to win the grand prize of $50,000. For contestants that refused to do a challenge, failed the challenge, or performed the worst, they had to kiss their dreams of the grand prize goodbye and faced elimination. The gut-wrenching show had audiences on the edge of their seats and not wanting to look away as the show had them laughing, cringing, and gasping in disbelief.

Fans tuned in each week to discover what fear the contestants had in store for them. From dangerous driving courses to eating unthinkable things, Fear Factor kept everyone glued to their TV throughout the early 2000s.

Although the show saw huge success in the beginning, by its sixth season in 2006, most everyone had found less gag-worthy television to watch. There are only so many terror-filled or nasty treats a person can handle, right?

You would think, but NBC revived Fear Factor for a short time in 2011-2012 with Rogan as the host before the network officially canceled the show based on facing and overcoming fears for a big cash prize.

Fans can now only catch reruns of Fear Factor to hear the famous words, “Imagine a world where your greatest fears become reality.” 

MTV’s revival of ‘Fear Factor’

The second time Fear Factor premiered on MTV for two seasons with Ludacris as the host. The challenges were based on inspiration from horror movies, urban legends, and viral videos. The rules and order of the stunts differed from the original show, but the contestants experienced the same terror. MTV’s version gave the three rounds consistent names, giving the audience and contestants a preview of what to expect.

Beat the Beast, Face Your Fear, and The Final Fear had contestants face their fears head-on while viewers watched with great attention. 

How the producers took extra steps to prevent serious injuries

Surprising as it sounds, with such dangerous challenges Fear Factor contestants faced, not many people were injured on the show.

According to Screen Rant, it shows a “testament to how thorough the producers were when choosing the right contestants.”

The producers of Fear Factor took extra precautions to keep contestants from being injured in any way while competing. All applicants to the show had to complete a series of examinations to ensure they were fit enough to handle the terror-struck challenges that were in store for them on the show.

The tests and trials the contestants went through before being accepted to compete proved all players were on the same playing field fitness-wise. Even with the extra steps to prevent injuries, the show faced controversy among the public about the second stunts, which often involved eating something disgusting or animals. 

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