Fans slam Phillip Schofield’s ‘disrespectful’ dyslexia question to Matt Hancock

Phillip Schofield has been criticised by fans for asking Matt Hancock a "disrespectful" dyslexia question on yesterday's This Morning.

The presenter who co-hosts the morning hit ITV show with Holly Willoughby took a swipe at the former cabinet minister.

The MP was discussing how children should be screened for dyslexia before they start secondary school, a condition with which Hancock was diagnosed while at university.

Phil was quick to question Hancock if the condition is why he broke Covid rules.

He asked: “Was it your dyslexia that meant you misread the social distancing rules?”

Hancock replied: “No, I can’t blame that on dyslexia or anything else.

“In fact, I am not asking for any special favours because I am dyslexic.

“In politics I have got some things to offer. In that case, that was a mistake and I have apologised for it.”

He added: “It was a failure of leadership because I came on shows like this and asked people to do things and I didn’t follow the those rules myself.”

Earlier this year in June, Hancock stepped down as health secretary after CCTV footage was released of the MP breaking the Covid rules while having an alleged affair in his office.

Hancock was asked by the This Morning duo whether he thought his successor Sajid Javid was doing a better job than him.

He said: “Who knows? Because there’s so many uncertainties and new things hitting us like the new Omicron variant, but I think he’s doing a great job.

“But, you know, in those jobs, the pressures are big but that’s no excuse. It was a failure of leadership on my part and I’ve apologised for that.”

Phillip's comment caused social media fans to praise the star while others thought he was making light of the learning difficulty.

One said: "Not a lot of people will agree with Matt Hancock and his disgraceful behaviour in public office, but that was a very stupid question from the @thismorning Presenters."

Another fumed: "Matt Hancock absolutely should be held to account. BUT when he guested on This Morning to discuss dyslexia, Philip Schofield used someone's neurodivergence against them to score points is vile."

"As much as I think @MattHancock needs to be challenged for his past actions and inactions – this reference to dyslexia is inappropriate to say the least," commented another.

"That's rather insulting to blame dyslexia isn't it," said a fourth.

Others, however, found the question quite amusing.

One wrote: "Phillip Schofield just asked matt Hancock on this morning if his dyslexia was the reason for his mishandling of the pandemic HHAHAHAHAHA."

Another Tweeted: "@Schofe had to come here to commend you for that last question to Matt Hancock!"

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