Everything Dakota Meyer Said About Ex Bristol Palin In New 'Teen Mom' Special

Palin’s ex says he’ll “never date again” after his divorce from the fellow reality TV star.

Dakota Meyer and Bristol Palin may have battled it out, hard, during their one-season stint on "Teen Mom OG," but now that the dust has settled, they seem to be in a much better place.

On Monday night, MTV aired "Being Dakota: A Teen Mom Special," following up with Meyer after his disastrous run on the network’s parent show with his ex-wife. During their first (and only) season, the couple’s marriage fell apart in front of the cameras, before they proceeded to bash each other in separate confessionals.

Eventually, during the reunion, they appeared to come to some kind of truce and, judging by the special, it seems to be sticking. Bristol herself only popped up for a few moments throughout the hour, which focused more on Dakota and how he’s been handling being a single father since the separation.

The episode began with Dakota adjusting to having split custody of the couple’s two daughters, Sailor and Atlee. That meant dressing his little "queens" and learning how to style their hair with the help of YouTube videos. This is what he called the "biggest struggle" of being solo.

As for his love life, he confessed to one of his friends that he’s not exactly on the prowl for any other women right now.

"I’m never gonna date again, because I can’t imagine meeting a woman that’s good enough for my daughters," he explained. "The standard Bristol set at being a mother is high for a woman to have to step into. She as a mom is crushing it. I’m just gonna focus on raising my girls forever, and that’s gonna be it."

"Before I could ever think about dating someone else, #1 is me having an incredible relationship with my children," he continued. "#2 is me having the best possible relationship I can have with Bristol and if I have to spend the rest of my life just focused on my kids and Bristol, I’ll still do that because that’s the best outcome I could have."

When asked by his friend how he’d feel if Bristol started dating, he kept it positive, but admitted it would also take some adjusting to.

"I’d be happy that she’s happy," he said. "It’d bother me more that that just couldn’t be me. I still love Bristol, she’s the woman I married. Does the thought of her moving on worry me? Yeah. That’s when it’s really gonna hit home."

While Meyer and his ex hadn’t spent much time together face to face since the reunion, they tested the waters at Tripp’s birthday party (photo above). It’s clear both Bristol and Dakota want to make sure he still has a strong relationship with Tripp (Palin’s kid with ex Levi Johnston) despite the divorce.

The birthday bash was a success and, despite Dakota getting pelted in the butt from Bristol’s paintball gun, the day went off without a hitch. "I hope we can keep hanging out, because whether we like it or not, we’re a blended family," said Dakota via a voiceover.

Speaking to another one of his friends after the party, Meyer said he’s determined to become a coparenting success story. But while his divorce from Palin was probably for the best, Dakota also admitted it can be lonely.

"I will tell you, I don’t miss me and Bristol fighting, but coming home to an empty house every other week, you walk in there and it’s a reminder of the failure of the marriage," he confessed. "You walk in there and it’s empty."

The special ended with Dakota taking his two kids to one adorable father-daughter photoshoot, before he was heard in a voiceover saying, "It will always be hard for me to accept I failed in my marriage, but there’s one thing I know for sure, I’ll never fail as a dad."

If there’s any doubt the two have remained civil since filming the special, Bristol revealed in March that she actually helped sell Dakota’s home (below).

"Teen Mom" airs Mondays on MTV.

he’s happy I swear!! ? if I can work (and sell) my ex husband’s house – I can do anything ?? #austinrealtor

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