Emmerdale’s Jack Downham on Noah’s stalking: ‘I don’t think there is any way back’

For weeks now Emmerdale's Noah Dingle (Jack Downham) has been a real worry, as his controlling behaviour towards his beloved Chloe (Jessie Elland) has come to light.

But this week the situation will reach new levels, as the stalking behaviour of Charity's (Emma Atkins) troubled teenage son leaves poor Chloe freaked out and then terrified.

As their storyline unfolds in a special week of explosive episodes featuring flashforwards, young actor Jack Downham, who takes centre stage in the sinister storyline, tells us more about Noah’s worrying actions and what the future could hold for him as his bizarre behaviour comes to light…

Hi, Jack. Can Noah ever accept it’s over between him and Chloe?

They were in love, ready to run away, and then when she cheated on him I don’t think he could accept that. He blamed Jacob and did all he could to keep the relationship going.

Does he realise that his behaviour is essentially stalking?

He doesn’t see it at the time – like a lot of stalkers in real life. I’ve been researching, and they don’t see what they’re doing is wrong.

How is he after Chloe agrees to go to his house?

It’s exactly the news he wanted to hear. They’ve got the house to themselves and he can show off all these things he’s been learning about her.

What happens when she finds her lost keys down the back of his sofa ?

Noah straight away thinks of an excuse – he “must have just dropped them there.” Then he thinks, “I could turn a bit of the blame off me here and put it on to Jacob.” He thinks he’s got away with it.

Does he realise she’s starting to think something’s wrong as she sends him for snacks?

I think he’s completely oblivious, he’s got so much confidence in himself at that moment.

Chloe finds pictures on his laptop that he’s taken in her bedroom. When does he grasp that he’s in trouble?

At first, he’s oblivious, but things very quickly go downhill, and he can tell that something might be wrong.

Then, when he realises that she wants to get away, Noahprevents her from leaving…

He’s in a state of panic. He believes if he can just explain to her… That she’ll understand.

Are you surprised that Noah has turned out to be such a troubled individual?

Not really surprised, to be honest. He’s not acted in the right ways around girls in the past and with his mum, Charity, and their very interesting relationship throughout him growing up. I think it’s all had a really negative effect on his view of women and how he should act around women. I think he’s really got it all wrong.

Do you think there’s any way that Noah can come back?

Right now, I don’t think there’s any way back unless he gets serious help and has a few conversations with people about mindset and the way you should act around women.

Emmerdale is on Monday to Friday on ITV at 7.30pm

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