Emmerdale’s Cathy to betray April as fans ‘work out’ pregnancy twist

During the latest instalment of Emmerdale, April Dingle (played by Amelia Flanagan) confided in Cathy Hope (Gabrielle Dowling) about her feelings for Arthur (Alfie Clarke). As they sat in the cafe talking, Cathy told April if she was too scared to talk to Arthur, then she would put in a good word for her. However, Cathy has bullied April before, so could she go back to her villainous ways?

“Did you get a gold star?” Cathy asked as April replied: “Arthur reckons it’ll pass, and it’s coming from him then…

“I offered to buy him a smoothie after school to say thanks.”

“And?” Cathy asked before the youngster replied: “He’s got footie practice.”

Brenda then walked in interrupting the girls gossiping about April’s love interest.

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“Who cares about history anyway?” April continued. “It’s over, forget it.

“It’s not our fault they were so bored without the internet that they went chopping each other’s heads off all the time.

“I wish I was as smart as Arthur, he’s so brainy, isn’t he?”

“That’s why you’re into him because of his brains, Arthur this, Arthur that,” Cathy teased. “It’s all you ever talk about.”

April went on to say: “Perhaps he doesn’t like me back.”

“If you want something to happen, you just need to make it happen,” Cathy told her.

After April declined and said she didn’t want to beg for his attention, Cathy added: “Fine, I’ll do it. I’ll find out for you and don’t worry, I’ll be subtle.”

Following the episode, fans took to social media to share their own theories about how the storyline will play out.

Many predict April will get pregnant, while others think Cathy is up to no good.

Ryan Glendenning penned: “Why is Cathy still spending time with April after all the months of Cathy bullying her?”

If April, Cathy and Arthur with their love triangle or whatever is going on is the next-gen of #Emmerdale we’re doomed,” user @itzzzo_ tweeted.

“So that’s Cathy putting the kibosh on April’s love life then? #Emmerdale,” Doreen Morfitt added.

While user @ASuperGav predicted: “April fast approaching another prepubescent pregnancy storyline.”

“Don’t trust her April #Emmerdale,” tweeted as Dion added: “Don’t let Cathy do that April #Emmerdale.”

Elsewhere, Nicola King (played by Nicola Wheeler) finally faced Naomi (Karene Peter) in court after she was part of the group that attacked her.

However, the first day in the courtroom left Nicola feeling deflated after the defence grilled her on the stand.

Nicola feels that Naomi and her former friends will be let off of the crime, although, the vicar’s daughter has other ideas.

Will Naomi be sent down for a crime she didn’t commit?

Emmerdale airs weekdays at 7.30pm on ITV.

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