Emmerdale villain Meena’s victim ‘sealed’ as Jacob in sick revenge plot?

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Warning: The following article contains spoilers from this week’s Emmerdale.
ITV soap fans have been closely following the storyline of the villainous Meena Julta (played by Paige Sandhu) ever since Emmerdale bosses announced she’ll take her first victim this summer. In recent scenes on the soap the manipulative character has been doing everything possible to get the attention of David Metcalfe (Matthew Wolfenden) and stop him from spending time with Jacob Gallagher (Joe-Warren Plant). But, after an awkward conversation between Meena and Jacob on Wednesday night’s episode of the ITV soap, could his fate be sealed as Meena’s murder victim?

Meena is the latest villain in the village and her manipulative behaviour could be set to go from bad to worse.

In recent scenes on the soap, Meena has been desperate to take her relationship with David to the next level by moving in with him.

But, David has been preoccupied with his worry for Jacob after his recent return to the Dales.

Meena recently stole a Pride collection tin and framed it on Jacob in a bid to make him look bad.

But, her plan backfired when David canceled their dinner plans insisting that Jacob needed him.

In Wednesday night’s episode of the ITV soap, Jacob confronted Meena about the rumours she’d been spreading behind his back.

“I hope you’re not too upset with everyone saying you’re a thief,” Meena said. “At least we know the truth.”

Jacob replied: “Yeah we do. I’ll tell you what else I know.”

“What’s that?” Meena asked, doing her best to sound innocent.

The youngster hit back, saying: “Someone did a great job at convincing my dad I was responsible for nicking that money.

“I thought it was Billy trying to frame me, but it turns out it was you.

“You threw me under the bus!” Jacob exclaimed.

Meena defended her actions, saying: “How was I supposed to know you’d stolen money before?”

“Sometimes our mistakes come back to haunt us. Fact of life.

“But, whoever stole that money must be either desperate or deranged to stoop so low and that’s not you,” she explained.

“What you said sounded kind of shady,” Jacob said, pushing Meena for more of an explanation.

“I’m sorry if good intentions look like something else,” Meena replied.

“Right, I’m sorry too,” Jacob said, with Meena adding: “It’s okay. So, let’s try and put this behind us.”

Could this awkward encounter between the pair spark concern in Meena that Jacob has clocked on to her antics?

If so, she may be worried Jacob will go to David about it behind her back.

Many fans have become more suspicious of Meena in recent weeks and have taken to Twitter to share their thoughts on her manipulative behaviour.

“Meena can’t be trusted, she’s evil,” one viewer wrote.

A second agreed, adding: “Meena really is a psychopath #Emmerdale.”

Will Meena take things too far in a bid to stop Jacob talking? His fate as her murder victim could be sealed, but viewers will have to tune in to find out what happens next.

This week’s Emmerdale is available to watch on the ITV Hub.

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