Emmerdale viewers sickened by Noah and Samson’s ‘lemon curd urine’ exchange

Emmerdale viewers were left feeling a little queasy during Wednesday night's episode which saw Noah and Samson Dingle meet up to exchange a urine sample.

Charity Dingle's son, Noah, 16, has recently been suffering from an underlying health issue, rhabdomyolysis, which he was diagnosed with two years ago as well as frequently having seizures – most recently while participating in a running race with his mum.

Despite his struggles, the teen dreams of signing up to serve his country in the armed forces but is left worrying that he will fail the strict medical exams and be rejected.

These worries led Noah to turn to his cousin, Samson Dingle.

Upon meeting up with his cousin, Noah asked: "So come on, have you got it or not?"

The shy 15-year-old replies: "I said I wanted to help," but is instantly cut off by Noah.

"Yeah and this is the only way you can, it's now or never," Noah pleaded.

After seeing the desperation in his cousin's eyes, Samson places the jar, a lemon curd jar that is filled with us urine on the floor before mousily sliding the jar to Noah.

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However, remembering that the jar is in fact filled to the brim with urine, Noah exclaimed: "You better have washed it, oh my god it's warm! And it's in a lemon curd jar, I told you to do it in the bottle I gave you!"

"It overflowed in two seconds, I had to do it again, sorry I have never done a pee sample before, if you keep being ungrateful you can give it back," quipped Samson while laughing.

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Despite the cousin's looking out for one another, viewers at home were left feeling rather disgusted by the exchange, flocking to social media to share their thoughts.

"Now when I see lemon curd I will see Samson's p**s," tweeted one.

A second went on to say: "Eeeeewwww Noah carrying around Samson's warm pee is just [sick emoji]."

Before a third penned: "Nothing creepy at all, asking Samson to p**s in a bottle #emmerdale."

However, others reckon that the urine test will detect something wrong with Samson, leaving Noah in a rut.

One said: "What's the betting they'll find out Samson's got something wrong with him!"

"Oh, dear!!! Noah's cheating the Army!! It'll all end in tears, I tell ya! Tears!!!," wrote a second.

Emmerdale airs on weekdays at 7pm on ITV, with an extra helping on Thursdays at 8pm.

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