Emmerdale star teases ‘crazy’ aftermath to Maya and Jacob affair being exposed

Emmerdale actress Amy Walsh has teased how Tracy Metcalfe reacts to the reveal of Maya Stepney’s affair with teenage stepson Jacob Gallagher.

Jacob has been groomed by her for months, with her manipulating him into believing they were in love.

His girlfriend Liv Flaherty, who he was using to cover his tracks, rumbled the pair recently and even recorded Jacob confessing their love for each other.

Somehow, the truth finally comes out to other characters including Jacob’s biological mother Leyla and former stepmother Tracy, while they are on a night out.

Speaking ahead of the scenes, actress Amy revealed her character would be devastated by what’s happened to Jacob, and that things “get crazy”.

She teased of the scenes: “Maya is caught with Jacob by one of the girls and news travels fast. Initially, they don't believe as a group what's been seen is the truth – not that one of us is lying, but that there must be some explanation.

"As soon as they realise what's happening, they want to get Maya on her own and hear the truth. It gets a bit crazy and I can't say too much more."

Amy added: "It comes as a shock for Tracy, because she considers Jacob as a stepson. She's very protective of him, she really loves him and he's been good to her in the past.

"Also, she has been completely duped as there have been several times that Maya has lied to her.

“Tracy has shown kindness in looking after her when she was ill, and her relationship with Billy ended because of a lie Maya told.

"So there's all of that going through her head. The sheer amount of time it's gone on for is unbelievable and quite emotional for Tracy. She's hurt, upset and baffled by it."

The actress admitted she didn’t know what came next in the shocking storyline, but had her hopes for where the scenes would lead.

Amy said: “I hope this means the abuse will stop. I don't know the outcome to this story yet, but I hope it does."

Emmerdale airs weeknights at 7pm on ITV, with an extra episode at 8pm on Thursdays.

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