Emmerdale star teases ‘child serial killer’ plot as Kyle could take next victim

One Emmerdale actress has hinted that we could see a future child serial killer plot in the pipeline after Kyle Winchester shot Al Chapman dead.

Kyle was just trying to protect his dad Cain Dingle when he picked up the shotgun in the barn during a fight between the pair, when he pulled the trigger.

Cain is now serving time after taking the rap, but Kyle is so desperate to free his father from prison he's willing to do anything.

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Now, though, Amy Wyatt star Natalie Ann Jamieson and Moira Dingle star Natalie J Robb have teased that the future might not be so clear cut.

Though Jamieson "hopes" Kyle doesn't take another victim, both stars admitted it could be a possibility.

Speaking to Daily Star and other press, Jamieson confessed: "This is stressful enough I’d say, I don’t think we can be doing with any more. But yeah, you never know do you?"

While Robb added: "No, you don’t know, and that could be another route that the writers or producers want to go down, it’s not for us to say.

"But it could be a possibility. Maybe when he puts a wee bit more meat on, when he’s not so dainty like a bird!"

Despite his Dingle blood, both stars don't think Kyle would cope well if he was sent to prison – which, at the age of 10, he could be.

Jamieson said: "I don’t think he would cope in prison. Kyle is just the sweetest, tiniest little… I wouldn’t put him in prison. It sounds horrendous.

"But all he can think about is getting his dad out. That’s the thing he can’t cope with. I don’t think he’s even thinking about what the repercussions of it would be!"

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Robb agreed: "He doesn’t, he doesn’t realise how long he would go away for if he were to go inside, he hasn’t thought about it. It’s just about getting his dad out, bless him."

Jamieson then commented: "He’s got one thing on his mind and that’s the only way he can think to put any of this right. He’s not thinking about the long term in the same way his mams are."

Robb said the whole ordeal is "terrifying" for both of Kyle's mums.

She explained: "They stand to lose their son and we don’t know what’s going to happen. The stakes are so high – we don’t know if the lawyers are going to get him off with it or what’s going to happen with Cain.

"It’s a really tricky situation. You’re trying to protect his feelings and make it as easy and as smooth as possible."


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