Emmerdale spoilers: Samson Dingle plans violent revenge on stepmum Lydia's attackers

SAMSON Dingle is enraged by his stepmum Lydia’s attackers next week in Emmerdale – and plans violent revenge. 

Lydia was framed for a dodgy pension scam earlier this month – and arrested after the police traced the scam back to her laptop.

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Next week, Lydia is heartbroken when she sees what’s been posted about her online in the aftermath of the scam. 

The following day, Lydia is terrified when a brick is thrown through their window. 

When Samson worries about Lydia and urges her to report the incident to the police, Sam clearly has other ideas and suggests a more violent approach. 

Lydia quickly shuts Sam down and announces she’s heading to the police station to report the incident. 

Disaster strikes, however, when she’s robbed by a pair of lads out for revenge about the pension scam. 

Samson stands frozen to the spot as he realises what’s happening, leaving Lydia to the mercy of the lads until Sam chases them away. 

Later, Samson battles a guilty conscience after failing to protect Lydia. 

Sam continues to stew about the incident and announces he’s going to get revenge against the lads, who he recognised. 

When Sam takes Lydia to the police station to make a report, he sneaks a crowbar into his school bag in an attempt to get his revenge. 

Could Sam end up putting Samson in danger?

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