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THE daughter of vicar Charles Anderson is facing justice for attacking Nicola King in June, 2022.

During her trial, Naomi is approached by a member of her former gang who threatens to bring her family trouble in Emmerdale.

After recognising Naomi (portrayed by Karene Peter) as one of her attackers, Nicola King has been adamant on getting justice.

However, it's become clear that Naomi was at the wrong place and at the wrong time as members of a gang targeted the Café Main Street owner.

Next week, she considers the possibility that she might end up going down for a crime she didn’t commit.

But she may have no other choice – she soon runs into a manipulative Saskia in the toilets of the courtroom, who insinuates that Naomi owes her money.

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Saskia then threatens to involve Naomi's family, which include vicar Charles Anderson and solicitor Ethan, if she doesn't change her version of events.

Prior to this, Saskia's barrister argues the defendants were no longer friends with Naomi after an altercation over money.

The barrister highlights Naomi feels ostracised from the group and has decided to drag the defendants in this mess.

Saskia is then cross examined by the prosecution barrister as she remains calm and collected.

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Naomi tries to ignore her as she prepares to give her version of events and is given a hard time during her own cross examination.

The pressure is too much for Naomi and she erupts with upset and outrage, telling everything about Saskia's threats.

As the trial ends, the judge urges the jury to assess the evidence presented to them.


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In later scenes, Ethan and Charles try to encourage a downbeat Naomi but she has already accepted the possibility of going to prison.

Meanwhile, Nicola (played by Nicola Wheeler) is beginning to lose hope and accept her attackers may never get what they deserve for the assault.

During the trial, Naomi's barrister even highlights to the jury that her case against the defendant is lacking credible evidence.

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While at home, she roils at the injustice of what she could do if the gang of girls walk away scot-free.

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