Emmerdale spoilers: David jailed as horrified Victoria goes to the police?

David Metcalfe (Matthew Wolfenden) has messed up again in big style in Emmerdale.

After getting a speeding ticket, he put Victoria Barton (Isabel Hodgins)’s name down on the form for the speeding fine rather than his own, fearing that he could lose his license and scupper his plans to set up a delivery service for the shop.  

This somewhat dubious scheme may have worked, but unfortunately for David, Victoria was stopped by the police after going through a red light when her son Harry was taken to hospital.

She conceded to a fine and points on her license for that error, little realising that David’s speeding fine was already on her record. 

In upcoming episodes she’s absolutely fuming when she finds out about what David’s done. She tells him he needs to clear the mess up – otherwise she’s going to go to the police herself.  

Isabel Hodgins says that Victoria fully intends to act on this threat. 

‘She’s deadly serious and a big believer that actions have consequences,’ she explained. ‘She tries to do the right thing the majority of the time and expects other people to uphold that standard.

There are a lot of kids also and it’s setting an example for the family, which is do the right thing.’ 

Will David end up doing jail time for his stupid mistake? 

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