Emmerdale fans slam Andrea after she cut ties with Kim in explosive argument

Emmerdale fans were in for a dramatic evening on Friday night as it all kicked off outside the Woolpack when villagers passed on their sweet messages of condolences to Kim Tate.

The episode opened as the loving mother struggled to come to terms with the fact that her son, Jamie, is believed to have passed away after he drove off the road into a nearby lake.

But the Yorkshire favourite denied any belief that her son was deceased after she received a flower delivery and snooped through his work bank accounts.

And it didn’t take long before she put two and two together and became convinced that her son was up to his old tricks again and told others how he must be was faking his own death.

Throughout the episode, Kim was flooded with touching messages of condolences from her fellow villagers but all hell broke loose when Andrea visited her mother-in-law with her daughter.

Kim divulged all of the evidence behind her wild theory to Andrea as she sent Millie off to play with dolls in the other room as she tried to calm Kim down.

Andrea warned: “I haven’t told Millie everything yet, I don’t want to upset her more than she already is.”

But as Millie turned a corner, clearly eavesdropping on their conversation, Kim argued: “I know that little girl’s Daddy is alive and well out there somewhere.”

Shocked at her grandmother’s latest opinion, Millie ran into the room asking: “My Daddy’s still alive?”

Furious, Andrea took her heartbroken daughter home as she attempted to explain to her that her father wasn’t alive anymore.

Later on in the show, Andrea spotted Kim sharing her thoughts on Jamie’s accident around the village, and the loving mum couldn’t help but put an end to her nonsense.

As she stormed over to her, she shouted: “Are you still sprouting you absolute vile? My daughter is in there not knowing what to believe.”

And viewers were shocked when she called her former mother-in-law a “disgusting b***h” as she added: "It should have been you who died. You're not normal.

“Stay away from us, we don’t want you in our lives. You’ve lost your son and now you’ve lost your granddaughter too.”

But her heated argument left viewers fuming, as fans took to Twitter to share their thoughts online.

One user wrote: “I tell you what, when Jamie comes back I want to see Andrea apologise to Kim. Yes, that will do. #emmerdale.”

Another added: “After everything Andrea knows Jamie has done, why can’t she at least give Kim the benefit of the doubt?”

A third chimed in with: “Andrea needs to f**k off having a go at Kim like that just because she told Millie that Jamie could be alive.

“He’s alive and we know that already but that didn’t give Andrea a right to stop Millie from seeing Kim.”

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