Emmerdale fans in tears as Liam Cavanagh breaks down over daughter Leanna’s death

EMMERDALE fans were in tears tonight seeing Liam Cavanagh breaking down after his daughter Leanna was murdered.

The doctor – played by actor Jonny McPherson in the ITV soap – fell apart at the news Leanna had been found dead.

Viewers know she was murdered by deranged Meena Jutla last night.

The teenager had discovered that Meena had murdered her best friend Nadine and had stolen her box of trophies from her victims.

Meena stalked her through the village before attacking her and throwing her over a bridge to her agonising death.

When Leanna failed to turn up for her own 18th birthday party, Liam began to worry and mounted a search party to find her.

In tonight’s episode Leanna body was found by her former stepmum Bernice Blackstock.

The police then visited Liam to break the devastating news to him.

Liam ran out of the house to the bridge to find the forensic team at work and Leanna’s body being loaded into a private ambulance.

In a state of shock, Liam said: “She’s all alone, I should go with her.”

As he spotted the crime scene investigators, Liam realised it may not have been an accident.

“You wouldn’t go to all this trouble if it was an accident,” he said.

“You know more than you’re letting on.”

Later he told wife Leyla: “She was out there, all night, alone. if it wasn’t an accident then how did she get there. 

“How awful her last moments must have been, all alone, calling out for help. Why in hell’s name would I want to feel any better? I’m her father, she needed me and I let her down.”

He added: “I don’t want any comfort or sympathy or meaningful words – I want my daughter back.

“Someone did this to her, someone took my daughter from me, someone took my beautiful girl.”

Viewers were in tears at the scenes.

One wrote: "Leave it out Jacob, poor Liam is in shock…😟"

A second said: "What a dreadful thing for a parent to go through 💔 poor Liam"

Another added: "Liam and Leanna's last scene on Tuesday was so beautiful as well. Bless him I do feel for him 😭💔😭"

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