Emmerdale fans concerned for Marlon Dingle as he’s ‘pushed too far’ in recovery

Emmerdale fans have slammed ITV bosses after Marlon Dingle shows signs of recovery after traumatic physio appointment.

During Thursday’s (June 9) instalment of the popular long-standing show, viewers watched the professional chef start learning how to walk back on his own two feet.

As his speech slowly started to improve, the physical therapist thought it was time he started to find some independence again as he pulled out two parallel bars.

The professional cook was tasked with pulling himself up using the gymnastic bars using his own strength.

But after a few attempts, Marlon became frustrated at his relentless pushing from the physio and ordered him to leave his house.

But after listening to his impressive progress with his speech, and now seeing him slowly starting to pull himself out of his wheelchair, viewers slammed the show for being so unbelievable in its depiction of recovery from a stroke.

Throughout the hour-long special, fans stormed to Twitter to share their disappointment at the incorrect depiction of the condition on the airwaves,

One user penned: “Marlon’s physio was going too far in my opinion. He was a bit unfair # Emmerdale.”

Another agreed: “#Emmerdale Marlon can’t talk properly but he can sit up OK and use his arms and hand plus ask to go to the toilet [cry laughing emoji] do you research better emmerdale ffs.”

A third fumed:“#Emmerdale hahaha fkn knew it lol Marlon already nearly back to normal Marlon lol if only REAL stroke victims had such a quick recovery [cry laughing emoji] PATHETIC..”

“Angry Marlon didn’t even stutter. That’s him on the mend. #emmerdale,” a fourth pointed out.

Luckily, his therapist had a change of heart after Mary Goskirk convinced him to help the chef after he confessed how much of a terrible cook he was.

When he returned to the house, the physio struck up a new plan of action, one in which Marlon agreed to teach him how to cook is the medical professional can teach him how to walk again.

And it appeared as though he was happy with the decision as he showed the fitness expert how to dice a tomato into cubes unaided.

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