Emmerdale affair fears grow as fans beg Lydia to ‘steer clear’ of creepy Craig

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    Emmerdale viewers are warning Lydia Dingle (Karen Blick) to keep away from her childhood ex Craig Reed (Ben Addis).

    Viewers have been growing concerned for Lydia ever since she bumped into her old flame, with many fearing for her safety.

    And they've been wondering if Lydia's husband Sam (James Hutton) is in for heartbreak – he even caught the former lovers catching up in his own home.

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    Now, fans are becoming increasingly worried that the pair will have an affair behind Sam's back.

    During Monday's episode (August 21), Lydia told her husband Sam that she was willing to take Craig's job offer, as his company was offering 50p more than her current salary.

    Later on in the show, Craig and Lydia had a meeting, with Craig revealing that his company has a turnover of £3 million.

    As Lydia's eyes lit up, the pair also reminisced briefly over old times.

    But fans weren't feeling comfortable with Craig and Lydia's exchange as they warned her to be careful of her old friend.

    Heading over to X formerly known as Twitter, one fan wrote: "Don't trust Craig with a barge Pole. Lydia needs to be careful."

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    Another penned: "Craig is a fraud, steer clear of him Lydia."

    A third penned: "Craig will hold Lydia hostage tomorrow no doubt, only been a week since our last hostage spree so we are due a new one."

    While a fourth added: "Lydia seemed petrified of Craig a few days ago – now she's really paly with him. Protect Lydia I'm worried for her."

    However, some also think an affair could be looming as they predict Lydia and Craig will reignite their previous romance.

    Heading over to the platform again, one viewer said:"Lydia better not cheat on Sam!!!!!"

    While another shared: "I have a bad feeling that Lydia and Craig might have an affair. But it would be the third or fourth this year so I hope not. Instead, I reckon Craig will come on to Lydia/try kiss her and ruins their friendship because she wants the same."

    According to Emmerdale spoilers, Criag will get close to the Dingle family and will leave his mark on an impressionable Samson who will be awestruck by his wealth.

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