Emma Willis reveals her hair is always cut short because being pregnant made it fall out

EMMA Willis has made an honest confession about her stylish cropped hairstyle.

The TV presenter, 44, admitted as she guest-hosted yesterday’s episode of Loose Women that she keeps her hair short not for fashion purposes but due to hair loss.

Mum-of-three Emma revealed her hair loss was a side effect of pregnancy – and that she lost a huge amount after giving birth to each of her kids: Trixie, four, Ace, nine, and Isabelle, 11.

She said on the show: "I noticed my hair was really thinning, another I didn't know with my first pregnancy was how much hair you can lose afterwards.

”I lost so much of it which is why I always cut my hair short, because it was really non-existent, it wasn't worth growing, so I cut it off.”

No doubt Big Brother star Emma’s fans were shocked by the reason behind her enviable haircut.

But it wasn’t her only unfavourable pregnancy symptom.

She also described having a “heightened gag reflex” – making it near impossible to brush her teeth throughout her pregnancies.

Emma’s guest spot on Loose Women was a roaring success with the ITV show’s viewers – with fans praising her as a “natural”.

One penned on Twitter: “Emma Willis should be on Loose Women everyday her chat is so much more natural.” 

While another asked: “Just finished watching today’s @loosewomen. Any chance they can make @EmmaWillis a permanent anchor? She slots in perfectly.”

A fan even pleaded directly to the Loose Women account: “Please keep @EmmaWillis as a regular anchor on the show. 

“Such a breath of fresh air today and it felt like a different show. Very calming and fun loved Emma.”


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