Emma Stone Cast As Villain In Popular Disney Movie Origin Story

Everyone has a favorite Disney movie, and, admit it, you probably have a favorite villain, too. From the vengeful scheming of Ursula in The Little Mermaid to the jealous stepmothers in the various princess movies to crazy uncles with a murderous streak in the likes of The Lion King, most people, at least as adults, have looked back on childhood movies and decided some of the evil genius in Disney films is, well, genius.

And according to Joyscribe, amidst all the remakes currently sweeping through Hollywood comes yet another classic Disney villain origin story: The tale of Cruella de Vil, with Emma Stone taking front and center in the film. For those who don’t remember (how could you not?) Cruella was the villain in 101Dalmatians, who for some reason instead of seeing adorable, lovable puppies saw a source of fur for her clothing line.

The original story has been done in both animation and live-action, but this story will specifically be the tale of Cruella, much like the live-action Maleficent film centered around the Sleeping Beauty villain rather than a slumbering princess. Stone’s version of the character will be living her life in the 1980s, presumably then 16 years before the original, Glenn Close version of the puppy thief.

Prior to her animal cruelty days that Disney fans know her for, the film will see Cruella with a “punk” vibe about her, and fans will be hoping to see exactly how she became the two-toned villain who would stop at nothing for a fur coat.

Craig Gillespie, director of I, Tonya, is set to direct the feature film in the new year. So far, there is no news as to when Disney fans could expect to see the film in theaters.

The first whispers of this film started almost three years ago already, but fans have been apprehensive of the remake. Villains are often easier to hate when you don’t know their origin story, and Cruella has already appeared in two live-action films with Close at the helm, and a number of animations as well. But such is the nature of Hollywood these days, with Maleficent making a whopping $785 million at the box office, per Vanity Fair.

Aside from origin stories, many Disney classics are currently being remade as live-action films. Two such early remakes are The Jungle Book and a slightly different take on the story of Tarzan. Other upcoming live-action remakes include the highly anticipated The Lion King next summer and Aladdin.

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