Ekin-Su Cülcüloğlu issues warning to new Love Island couples as she opens up about ‘whirlwind romance’ with Davide | The Sun

EKIN-SU Cülcüloğlu has given the Love Island couples from this series a warning as they try to navigate their post-villa romances – saying “don't listen to outside noise”.

The Turkish beauty – who split from Italian hunk Davide Sanclimenti in June, just under a year after winning Love Island series eight – said it can be “challenging” having a relationship in the “public eye”.

This series saw Jess Harding and Sammy Root crowned winners, while Ella Thomas and Tyrique Hyde, Molly Marsh and Zachariah Noble, Whitney Adebayo and Lochan  Nowacki and Mitchel Taylor and Ella Barnes are all still going strong.

Speaking exclusively to The Sun, Ekin-Su shared her advice for the new couples, saying: “Don't listen to outside noise.

“Focus on each other and that's all you can do.

“It's no different to any other relationship. Do what's right by each other and if it's meant to be it will be.”


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Ekin-Su – who won the hearts of the nation with her romance with Davide – said there are a number of factors to make a relationship work after a huge dating show like Love Island.

The actress admitted it was a “whirlwind” when she left the villa and being able to spend time with your partner, despite busy work commitments is imperative for a healthy relationship.

“Navigating a relationship in the public eye naturally can come with its challenges,” Ekin-Su said at the BPerfect summer lunch event.

“However, when leaving the villa it’s actually a comfort having a partner to share the experience with as it’s such a whirlwind when you first come out.

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“I think the main thing is the contestants will have crazy schedules so they will need to ensure they are making time to still see each other.”

Ekin-Su recently broken her silence after her split from Davide  saying "we both care for each other", as she addressed her relationship status after the pair were spotted leaving the ITV summer party together in the same cab.

But in recent months, the stunning brunette has decided to take a social media break for her mental health – admitting she’d been through a “very hard time” and wanted time to “heal”.

Ekin-Su told us: “I did a social media detox. A lot of people have asked why I’m not posting. You know what – i need to breathe sometimes. I’m a human being.

“I need that detox, I’ve gone through a very hard time recently. i need to heal.

“I reckon everyone needs time out to do that.

“I had a social media life before England because of the soaps. This is a different world.

“It's all about likes – for me I’m so not interested in that, I’m authentic in that, not constantly posting, I post things when I’m feeling something.

“The social media break was for me, It’s not easy for me to just carry on, I have to be true to myself – I couldn’t be on social media for a while.

“There are trolls but I’ve got 95 per cent a lot of love for me, you do get the trolls but it doesn’t mean anything to me. Mental health is very important to me.

She continued: “Social media is an incredible platform in so many ways – you can interact with friends, family and connect with a community of people you wouldn’t be able to otherwise.

“However, as with anything in life, it has it’s pros and cons.

“As someone with a following I have to be mindful of the audience I have and with that comes responsibility.

“That can weigh heavily on you.

“Anyone with a following will also, at times, experience trolling.

“That can be hard on your mental health. But I am so thankful that the good comments far outweigh the negative ones and my followers are absolutely amazing at lifting me up when times are hard.”

The TV favourite shared her best advice for Islanders who have just left the villa  and embarking on their own social media careers – as she urged upcoming stars to not compare themselves to others.

Ekin-Su said: “Social media is an amazing tool if you use it in the right way. Don’t get bogged down with any mean comments and focus on all the love. If you can use your following to do good that is the biggest honour. Inspire your younger followers and teach them self-love and acceptance.

“Also make sure you are showing your fun side too – fashion pictures are great but it’s important to show day-to-day life and for them to get to know the real you.”

She added: “I would say to remember that social media is not real life and do not to compare yourself to anyone! You are your own person and we're all beautiful in our own way. Remember that comparison is the thief of joy as they say. 

“Don't put pressure on yourself. What's going on on the inside is more important than the outside anyway.”

Love Island champions Ekin-Su and Davide broke up in June after 11 months together afterthe couple were dogged by rumours of Davide cheating with models.

They then crossed paths as they awkwardly bumped into each other at the Barbie movie premiere last month.

Just weeks ago, the pair set tongues wagging that they were back on when they were spotted "all over each other" at the ITV summer party.

The ITV2 show stars both sat close in the back seat of a silver vehicle as they made their way home in London.

The break-up came shortly after Ekin's relationship struggles with Davide were exclusively revealed by The Sun.

The Sun then told how Davide had packed his bags and moved out of the plush flat they shared.

He has quit his life in London following their break up and moved back to Manchester.

Davide spoke exclusively to The Sun about their partnership since leaving the villa.

He exclusively told The Sun of their relationship niggles on the outside world.

He told us in a YouTube clip: "Me and Ekin-Su had our struggles due to our public positions and we still have them sometimes.

"If there's something that I would change or would have done differently [with Ekin-Su in the villa] maybe I would have taken things a bit more slowly."

BPerfect ambassador Ekin-Su looked stunning in a white corset top and matching trousers as she attended the summer lunch event.

She said: "BPerfect are a real company, they are authentic, they have no ego and are humble and hardworking people and create such good products.

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