EastEnders viewers distracted by Freddie Slater ‘blunder’ as they fume ‘how’

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    EastEnders viewers were not too impressed when they claimed to have spotted a blunder involving fan-favourite character Freddie Slater.

    The youngster, played by Bobby Brazier, is currently heartbroken after finding out the truth about his dad Graham Foster.

    Freddie's mum, Little Mo and the rest of her family, have always kept Graham's identity a secret as he raped her.

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    However, Freddie eventually came face to face with his father in recent episodes and was told the horrific truth by his relatives.

    In Thursday’s episode (August 3) Freddie was still reeling over the news – and after “getting a glass of water” snuck off and went AWOL.

    Kat, Billy, Jean and Alfie all attempted to try and find Freddie – and it was revealed that he headed up to the roof on the Vic.

    Standing on the railings and with tears in his eyes, Freddie took a moment to take the news in.

    But fans watching the show at home were left fuming over how nobody clocked that Freddie had got up there.

    One person raged: “Why does every f***er in the square somehow have access to the roof of Vic please?”

    Another added: “Sorry but how are people still able to just walk onto the roof of the Vic so easily?”

    A third mused: “How did Freddie gain access to the pub roof without being seen?”

    Someone else said: “Now how did Freddie get up there unnoticed… enough people have died from that roof so get down son.”

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    When Freddie and Graham met, the latter fabricated a false explanation for his absence from Freddie's life.

    Viewers have also theorized that his false story is a set-up for further harm to Freddie.

    Graham is going to twist the truth to Freddie, and Freddie will turn against his mum and the rest of the family,’ said one fan.

    Another griped: “FREDDIE GET AWAY FROM GRAHAM HE’S A MONSTER – you’re in danger he is going to destroy your life like he did to mo.”

    A third added: “Graham hasnt changed then, twisting the truth AND trying to set the groundwork with freddie to say that little mo is a liar.”

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