EastEnders theory: Sylvie Carter’s long lost sister to arrive in Walford

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Sylvie was an iconic Walford resident from 2014 until her death in 2017. As Shirley (played by Linda Henry) and Tina Carter’s (Luisa Bradshaw-White) mother, her time on the Square was packed with drama, and one of the most memorable storylines was her romance with Stan Carter (Timothy West). But could Linda make an EastEnders comeback as Sylvie’s long-lost twin sister? Speaking exclusively to Express.co.uk, the actress hinted at a return.

When talking about a return to the Square, the 81-year-old commented she would “very much” consider it.

“I would love a return to the show,” she explained. “Perhaps I could be brought back as a twin sister to Sylvie who they had forgotten about.

“The night Sylvie died on the show the team let me know I trended second in the whole world for at least half an hour on Twitter! My character truly had an iconic ending!” Linda detailed why she enjoyed her role on the BBC soap so much.

“Sylvie Carter was a great part with a colourful backstory which attracted me to take it on,” she stated.

“Getting to explore the storylines of her being missing for 30 years and developing dementia was a challenge.”

She added: “There were so many good storylines, but one of my favourites had to be when my character Sylvie was in a care home and her sister played by Annette Badland came to visit her.

“They both had a big fight and it ended up with Sylvie biting her on her shoulder.

“Another great moment was when Sylvie was enticed into a lake by her sister and Sylvie arrived back at the Vic Pub dripping with water – it was a fantastic EastEnders moment!”

She continued: “Sylvie was really off the wall, she had brilliantly different colours to her personality and it’s a great part to play.

“You don’t often get to play a role where you can sometimes be monstrous and sometimes wickedly wonderful – it was great to be able to explore the role for such a long time.”

Could a new member of the Carter family possibly arrive at Walford?

The family are grieving the death of Tina, who was murdered by evil lawyer Gray Atkins (Toby-Alexander Smith) in 2020, but her body was only discovered recently.

Mick Carter (Danny Dyer) is also set to make an exit from the soap later this year.

With the remaining Carters becoming fewer and fewer, could the soap bring in a new relative to shake things up?

It’s possible Sylvie had a twin, and secrets are a big part of the Carter family, so it wouldn’t be surprising if a sister turned up in Walford.

With Shirley an EastEnders favourite, perhaps she will track down her aunt after noticing clues about her existence.

With Mick and Tina gone, she may want to explore her family’s past and see is she can reach out to any other relatives.

With Linda open to a return, it’s possible a Sylvie look-alike could turn up soon.

EastEnders continues on Monday at 7.30pm on BBC One.

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